While Going About Your Business Tomorrow…

…bring a camera.  A smartphone works just fine.  Be on the lookout for irregularities.

Reports are already filtering in from the U of M – students are being encouraged to double-vote (in their home districts and at the U).  It is a fact that the Democrats will cheat; they believe their ends justify their means.

So be watchful.  And report irregularities to the poll-watchers and the Minnesota Majority – don’t go taking the rules into your own hands; you could be wrong, and that’d be embarassing.

But keep an eye peeled.

6 thoughts on “While Going About Your Business Tomorrow…

  1. If anyone can go monitor Doggy’s polling place where she will be an overseer, that would be good. I suspect that she would encourage irregularities. Someone that stuck on a failed ideology can’t be trusted anymore than a fox can be trusted in a hen house.

  2. Down here in God’s country, we take turns keeping an eye on the Democrat on election day…my turn isn’t coming up for a few years yet.

  3. The UofM thing…..can anyone get someone to talk about where they heard that? Something specific?

  4. From the Milwaukee Journal comments…….If Obama is reelected, just imagine the mess he will inherit this time!

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