5 thoughts on “Keep Repeating To Yourself: “Minnesota Is Not In Play. Minnesota Is Not In Play…”

  1. I’ll bet Doggy will be one of the first ones to attend. If she’s smart, she won’t miss a chance for some real education on the issues. Oh, wait! What the hell am I thinking!

  2. He was in Hudson this week. Nice turnout, it killed traffic there. I’ll be honest: I wish he were at the top of the ticket.

  3. Nerd..I was at the Hudson event. Enjoyed my visit and was able to hit that nice liquor store in the same strip as the St Croix County Republican office.

    My guess….Minnesota is not in play (unless gay marriage is bringing out conservatives like never before). But Twin Cities media dominates western Wisconsin, and maybe this will boost congressional candidates.

  4. Remember four years ago when McCain was pulling out of States like MI?

    It’s a very different story this year with the Won pulling out of NC.

    Four years ago Obama had a slogan that he never had to explain. This year people have a good idea of what to expect from him going forward.

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