Bread And Circuses

Bloomberg carries on with NYC Marathon:

T]hose urging the city to halt the run believe that the thousands of Marathon volunteers could direct their efforts towards post-Sandy relief and cleanup, “and they also argue that the event will divert thousands of police from important hurricane-related duties.” But despite petitions circulating, work started up again yesterday on the Marathon route.

A tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us there were lots of workers in and out of the park today, who had “started before the storm and then came back starting yesterday.” Trailers are lined up from around 71st to 66th Streets on Central Park West, a food truck was set up today, and “generators have been sitting there at least a week.” The tents that were taken down prior to the storm have also been set back up, and there is a stage set up near 73rd Street.

Considering all the volunteer help and NYPD attention that’s already being diverted to the Marathon, the added sight of generators and food being channeled to the event is probably going to strike some New Yorkers as a little misplaced—we’re thinking of the ones who are currently lined up waiting for the National Guard to ration out MREs and bottles of water.

Can you imagine if a Republican mayor – who’d just endorsed, say, George W. Bush – had done something like this?

8 thoughts on “Bread And Circuses

  1. Just reroute it through the hard hit areas and instead of water stations, have canned good stations: grab a can/mre and on it in Sharpie will be a mile marker at which to drop it.

  2. Terry, that is correct, technically as you say.

    But I don’t think even the MSM tries to sell the fairy tale that he actually is a republican.

  3. Actually Bloomberg now considers himself to be an Independent. He dropped the Republican label prior to his last campaign for Mayor.

    What he really is though is a nanny state law and order liberal.

  4. What do you want to bet that some of those tolerant New Yorkers, mob the food stations and beat up some of the volunteers?

  5. Here’s a rushed off ‘treatment’ for a scene from the “8 Million Stories of Sandy” (with all due apologies to “Apocalypse Now”)
    Bloomberg: You can either jog, or you can help!
    Borough Resident: Are you crazy, Goddammit? Don’t you think it’s a little soon for a marathon?
    Bloomberg: If I say it’s okay to run this marathon, then it’s okay to run this marathon! I mean, I’m not afraid to run in this place, I’ll run around this whole ***** place! ‘Cause Staten Island don’t run!

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