Just Like Old Times

Nick  Coleman – the same one that used to sneer down his patrician mainstream-media nose at all of us villein bloggers – is blogging up a storm these days. 

He Who Knows Stuff has some advice for A-Klo:

Amy Klobuchar has been working hard to win the endorsement of Republican car dealers, like the ones featured in her campaign ad at the end of this post. But she hasn’t done so well impressing Minnesota progressives who are wondering why the state’s Senior U.S. Senator hasn’t been an outspoken opponent of the two heavy-handed Republican-forced constitutional amendments on the Nov. 6 ballot.

The car dealer ad is pure AKlo — a “She’s the Senator for All Minnesota!” ad about as sharp as mush in a bowl.

She’s sharp enough to know that her popularity – sky-high though the polls show it to be – is the same kind that Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan used to have in North Dakota.  Klobuchar is smart enough (or advised by people smart enough to know) that Minnesota is a purple state, that Barack Obama’s going to have all the coattails of a string bikini, and that she needs to shut up and make nice with everyone and not stick her neck out for anything.

Especially to oppose one amendment that, win or lose, will pin a negative on her, and another one that’s going to win by 3:2 even if the GOP doesn’t smoke the DFL on turnout.

There’s not much there, there with Amy Klobuchar.  But she’s not that dumb.


 The question is: Do Hugely Popular Politicians Still Have an Obligation to Try to Make a Difference?

Heh.  Coleman apparently thought Klobuchar was Paul Wellstone,  Politicians measure “obligations” as closely as engineers measure bridge gussets (which, if memory serves, Nick’s got some trouble with.  And memory does indeed serve).

Part of me isn’t sure that Coleman meant this next passage exactly as it sounds.  Part of me – the part that reads phrases like “do popular politicians have an obligation to make a difference” – thinks he means it exactly as written.  And the third part of me really really hopes he meant it exactly as it sounds (emphasis added):

 And both, at this point, seem likely to pass, in part because there is confusion among many Democrats as to how they should vote.

Are Democrats really such lemmings, or does Nick Coleman really think that’s all they are?

(Note: Requests to speak to Klobuchar, as well as to officials of her campaign, received no response).

Hey! Just like all us regular bloggers!

11 thoughts on “Just Like Old Times

  1. The duty of a United States Senator is to represent the interests of the State of Minnesota in the United States Senate. Neither amendment to the home-town constitution is within the purview of her duties. No, Nick, she has no obligation to opine on the matter.

    Give her this: Senator K has a better handle on the issue than politicians who do NOT seem to know the parameters of their jobs (I’m looking at you, St. Paul City Council).

  2. Ummm, didn’t the MSM just get its rocks off bagging on Romney for his 47% comments? I forgot. Nick belongs to the scorched earth wing of the party, which mandates that elected officials forget they represent ALL the people and take positions on issues outside the purview of the government bodies in which they serve. Nate has ably pointed this out already. Voter ID and the Marriage amendment are state, not federal, concerns.

  3. AK is going to vote on issues nearly 100% the same way Wellstone did. But that’s her Washington DC persona. Here she is a job saving, Veteran hugging moderate or so her ads will portray her.

  4. Well, then it’s past time that we get Amy’s take on one of A4ABM’s current lies that the evil Republicans passed a law that raised everyone’s property taxes, even though she has zip to do with that!

    Actually, I’m more concerned with her rubber stamping Obumbler’s communist agenda to relinquish our national sovereignty to the UN!

  5. Q: What does A-Klo actually do?
    A: She keeps a seat warm and votes as her handlers dictate, not much else.

  6. What exactly did A-Klo do to “save” these car dealerships? What can a politician do anyway to “save” an ailing business? Take a few bags of cash out of the safe in the Senate cloakroom? Can every ailing business get in line outside her office? Does Obama know it’s this easy? That unemployment can be solved by some politician waving a magic want?

  7. A-Klo isn’t allowed in any room which contains Betty McCollum. The intelligence vacuum would create a cosmic wormhole.

  8. ” she tweeted her opposition to the voter ID amendment”

    A profile in courage indeed.

  9. A-Klo looks like a middle manager in a mid-sized company’s human resources department, but she is essentially running an Al D’Amato campaign. They used to call D’Amato “Senator Pothole.” You could call A-Klo “Senator Pool Drain.”

  10. Two thoughts;
    If she takes flack for tweeting opposition to an amendment will she pull the typical, “My staffer did it.”
    When I read the first paragraph of Nick’s post I knew I’d read it about 6 months ago. After reading Mitch’s post, I’m happy to know that Nick at least updated it before reposting.

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