Noted In Passing

Joe Doakes from Como Park apparently wants to cover the same turf Larry King did in his old “USA Today” column:

Minnesota is in the middle of the pack on gun rights, not rotten, not great.

Minorities can’t get a job because The White Man is oppressing them – now they need more sleep? What next, affirmative action for sleepers?

Federal shenanigans to artificially prop up the housing market? Or local Vacant Building ordinances at work?

Finally, can we get Russ Stark busy on this, so we can stop seeing those annoying Packers jerseys around town?

I may just apply for some sleep-based entitlement.  Today, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Noted In Passing

  1. Had trouble sleeping last night. Where’s the justice? No-Doz, No Peace.

    Where’s my check?

  2. Suggestion: watch a few episodes of “Cops” if you want to know why minorities don’t sleep. They stay up too f-ing late.

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