“Thoughtful, Pragmatic”

Last week, we reported that Congressman Erik Paulsen (CD3) has endorsed Dave Osmek for the MInnesota State Senate in District 33.

Connie Doepke – endorsed yesterday by Lori Sturdevant the Strib, apparetly doesn’t think the people in her district need to know that.

Over the weekend, Doepke’s campaign apparently sent out a lit piece, with a picture of Doepke with Paulsen – and, most troublingly, a quote from Paulsen, and the Congressman’s signature.

This is a fairly clear implication, to those who aren’t paying attention, that Congressman Paulsen – who is on his way to what might be a three-digit victory over the hapless Brian Barnes this fall – endorses Connie Doepke.

Siources tell me none of this was authorized or written by Paulsen’s campaign.  And now Congressman Paulsen’s office has released a statement:

Statement from Congressman Paulsen regarding the Republican Primary in Senate District 33


CONTACT: John-Paul Yates (952) [phone number redacted]

“It has come to my attention that the Doepke campaign recently sent a mailing with a quote attributed to me. I want to make it clear I did not approve this mailing or quote and I support the endorsed Republican candidate, Dave Osmek, in Senate District 33.”

Erik Paulsen

No word yet whether the Star/Tribune’s editorial board thinks this is one of those “thoughtful, pragmatic” moves they crowed about in their endorsement over the weekend.

If you live in the 33, please vote accordingly.

2 thoughts on ““Thoughtful, Pragmatic”

  1. Hopefully Osmek raises this point in a debate if he ever debates Doepke leading up to the primary.

  2. I think that a Osmek mass mailing of the Paulsen press release might be helpful.

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