8 thoughts on “Submitted With Neither Reason Nor Comment

  1. Also reminds me of Obama in 2008.

    Living Colour, still one of the best shows I’ve even seen at First Avenue.

  2. “I tell you one and one makes three” … and they believe it.

    Great song and a very appropriate one to have running through your mind during most any discussion of politics.

  3. Well, the Van Jones Town certainly has been handing out kool aid to the likes of Peevee and Seeueentee over at PenisBlog.

    Obama is counting on those Useful Idiots to win him the election.

  4. I’m anything you need me to be.
    A gay Amish Cherokee….

    I’d like to see Weird Al Yankovic do this.

  5. “I tell you one and one makes three”

    Hmmm, I guess this whole thing explains Obama’s deficit math problem. Rather than cutting the deficit in half by the end of his first term as he promised in 2009, we’ve seen the deficit double under Obama’s watch: he divided by 1/2 instead of by 2!

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