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I never endorse candidates.

Partly it’s because I can’t imagine anyone really cares what a schnook blogger from the Midway thinks.

Partly it’s because on the off chance I do have even the faintest shred of clout about these things, I’d rather use them to help people think for themselves.

Partly it’s because my vote really doesn’t matter; I’m sixth alternate in a district with ten delegates of whom nine have been pretty disciplined about showing up for conventions.

So I don’t believe I’ve ever endorsed anyone on this blog.

I’m not entirely going to go back on that today.


I could vote for any of the three significant (sorry, Harold Shudlick) GOP Senate candidates with a clear conscience.  I haven’t always been able to say that during nomination battles.

Kurt Bills is a smart guy with stances I largely agree with.  He’s one of the good legislators, a freshman, so while he doesn’t have the longest voting record, it’s a good one.  He’s been polluted with some delegates, I think, by the tit-for-tat retributive onslaught of the Ron Paul supporters that have carried him to front-runner status, which obscures, I think, an excellent candidate.   If he gets the nomination, I’ll work for him without hesitation.

Pete Hegseth is untried – at least in legislative bodies – but is a blazingly smart guy and an excellent organizer.  His association with “Vets for Freedom” gives him some big advantages (big fundraising potential)  – and Pete is a great candidate who is, I think, headed for a great future in politics at whatever level.  If he gets the nomination, I’ll be there.

But this week, at the convention? I’m supporting Dan “Doc” Severson.

Part of it is the experience.  Dan spent eight years as a legislator, he knows how that’s done.

And as Andy Aplikowski points out, that’s a two-edged sword.  Any legislator who’s had to balance the waves of special interests, in Saint Paul as well as back in the home district, against principle is going to wind up with a few regrettable votes.  Dan has a few.  So will Bills if he stays in the legislature.  So will Hegseth if he wins.   Dan’s got a few.  He’s also got a long record of fighting the same fight the conservatives fought in 2000, that the Tea Party fought two years ago, and that the Paul crowd at least in part fights today – the fight to try to limit government – from an actual seat in the legislature.

Dan’s not perfect, but he’s been plenty good enough in a place and time that’s counted – in a seat in the legislature, after getting worked over by all those interests.

But Dan’s done one other thing that may be the single most visionary effort undertaken by a Republican leader in recent history in this state.

This state is a toss-up state.  Where does the GOP think its new voters are going to come from?   We’ve already mined the good GOP districts for every vote they have.  How many more votes are we going to get from Maple Grove and Benton County?

No.  While there may be pockets of un-reached Republicans out there, the long-term future of the Republican party, in Minnesota and nationwide, as a vessel for the conservative movement lies in the tens of thousands of Minnesotans who have come here recently from places like Laos, Guatemala, Eritrea, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Somalia…

…from places with strong traditions of family, faith and honor – things the GOP is supposed to uphold, although which it seems to do imperfectly lately – and whose way forward in this country, like all previous immigrants, is hard work and entrepreneurship.   Which are values where the GOP has a good track record, and are  values the DFL holds in sneering contempt.   These are people who are conservatives, and who vote DFL because the DFL has successfully painted the GOP as racists who want them all rounded up and sent back home.

I’ve railed at GOP candidates – from Mark Kennedy through Tom Emmer – for failing to poke their noses into the city, for not meeting with charter school parents (who in the city are mostly minorities, and who mostly vote DFL, and mostly don’t know that the DFL will kill charter schools before they kill cockroaches), or with H’mong leadership, or with Latino groups to discuss their view of immigration reform (to Emmer’s credit, he did this.  And hint: it’s a lot harder-line than most Republicans are).   My railing has been met politely, and ignored.

But Dan Severson has led the way on this.  He’s forged links with immigrant and ethnic communities in Minneapolis and Saint Paul that are a first in Minnesota Republican politics, and may be nearly unique in the US outside of Florida and the heavily-Latino southwest.

And that is the first step on the way to the future of the GOP and conservatism in Minnesota.

Also because Cathy Jo Severson will kick my butt if I don’t write this.

So I’m supporting Severson for Senate.

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  1. Dan’s got a few, but they’re big ones; ones that ride on spendy rails driven by union goons.

    The choo-choo trains will end up costing us *all* boatloads of money; there will be a bottomless pit that new public employee unions will rush to fill; there will be taxing districts; there will be a new police department, complete with all that entails; there will be strikes; there will be gouging and scandals and cost over runs the likes of which you’ve never dreamed.

    Light rail is the leftist’s very best weapon against smaller government.

    I can say this with 100% accuracy because I watched the Bay Area Rapid Tranist (BART) rise through the exact same path. It will happen here.

    Dan’s a good guy, but the choo-choo buys a no-no vote from me.

  2. I have met many Russian immigrants that have been scared of this country turning into the CCCP, Part II, ever since the Kenyan Klown got into office. Some don’t agree with everything Romney says, but I’m sure that he will get their votes come November.

  3. I am dissapoint. Was really hoping for a piece of original music here.

  4. I’m undecided about the Senate race but it goes without saying that I will enthusiastically support whichever candidate wins the Republican primary. I don’t know enough about them to have a preference but negative campaigning targeted at low-information voters is not really effective except to turn me off from the campaign engaging in it.

  5. Thanks for sticking your neck out to weigh in on this, Mitch. The new immigrant and minority outreach is so essential to the future of the MNGOP. It’s disappointing that so few seem to realize that. Dan has absolutely led the effort. Not enough have followed.

  6. Your post is persuasive, Mitch — it’s a tough call, because both Severson and Hegseth are attractive candidates, but for very different reasons. I don’t have a problem with Bills, either, although I think the other two would be better prepared for the battle against A-Klo.

  7. Severson rattles off the talking points pretty good, is not afraid to stand up to the establishment when he feels justified and has gone on the record as opposing CISPA – that’s nice. Unfortunately, supporting both light rail and giant stadiums for billionaires is a deal-breaker for me and others who want to see government truly limited. His overbearing ‘top gun’ pandering routine is irritating as well, hitting the road and giving speeches in his leather aviator jacket that is about one size too small. “Join our squadron”? No thanks.

    Kurt Bills seems like the best candidate to face off against Klobuchar. Clearly, Amy knows next to nothing about economics and, being an economics teacher, that is Bills’ specialty; he will take her to school.

  8. Mitch, that Dog fisked you again!!! And YOU “apparently… also has no objections to drugging women unconscious and THEN having non-consensual sex” Yes, Mitch, you and your GOP ilk!!! Rapists!!!
    Why, Mitch, are you “…allowing violence against women AND allowing violence against not-white people; they can satisfy and gratify their misogynists AND the racists in their ranks! The right is wrong on the national level, and they are wrong on the state level here in Minnesota, as demonstrated by right wing blogger Mitch Berg in his endorsement of Dan Severson in his run for Senate.”

    Not only the part about hitting women but also your teh racism!!! Unless you can show how Doc has had success reaching out to the ‘colored’ folk in the southwest… like New Mexico… you’ve been had! Factcheck that, beoitch!!!

  9. KRod,

    I’d follow up on these little missives you’re sending me, but honestly – and I say this with regret – it’s just too depressing. That blog has turned into the lefty version of those old conservative blogs who used to think Joe Farah was the revealed voice of the truth. They could be so much better – they’re both smarter than that – but they’ve chosen to go for the deepest, gooiest reaches of the fever swamp, and that’s a place I don’t like going whether it’s left OR right.

    Whaddya do?

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  11. True that, Mitch.

    We know they are a lost cause when they admit to stalking/attacking commenters that don’t agree with PenisBlog. Yes, they indeed have admitted to tracking one commenter down, then confronted that persons employer and almost had that person fired. They threatened me with the same. Swiftee might be banned there, but I hope they know better than to try that with him. (you know, that angry male facial hair thing, heh heh, don’t mess with Pacino…)

    “Whaddya do?”
    Well, I usually mock them.

  12. Really? They did that?

    DG, if you are reading this, by all means explain. Going after someone’s livelihood over the goings-on in a comment section is utterly reprehensible.

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  14. “reprehensible”

    That Seeuentee is a good friend of yours, Mitch?

    What was it Dad said about water?

    So Mitch, where do you work?

  15. KRod,

    Did you see my comment yesterday? If they’re attacking you at work, you need to get a lawyer. Now.

    And I’ve made a pretty solid practice of a) never telling anyone, even friends, where I work, and b) not doing things from work that it’d be bad to have traced back to work.

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