From The Rubble

This pic from the Daily Digital is pretty amazing:

The Daily Digital’s been covering the construction of the new 35W Bridge since the beginning.  It’s been interesting all along; from the beginnings, watching the casting yards and other infrastructure getting built, through all the work to get the piers and foundations and approaches done. 

And above it all, this last few weeks – as the actual span has virtually leaped across the river – have been just amazing.

1 thought on “From The Rubble

  1. This contract was no-bid, no environmental impact plus a hefty incentive for early completion. And work is being done at an astounding pace. I can’t figure it out. It’s almost as if erasing mindless regulation while paying a bonus gives people an incentive to work hard and fast, or something. I mean, it’s as if there were an invisible hand pushing the project along to swift completion.

    And the DFL has established not one single new government agency to bring about this miracle. It’s just mystifying. How can this be?


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