Why They Have A Narrative

The polls are all over the place – but at the moment, Barack Obama’s re-election bid is not looking nearly as solid as it needs to six months before election day:

The RealClearPolitics poll average puts President Barack Obama at 47 percent and Romney at 44.2 percent – statistically insignificant lead of 2.2 percent.

And that’s after six months of not only the media, but other Republicans, attacking the presumptive nominee without pause.

Drill down into the numbers of the latest CBS poll and there are ominous signs for Obama. Only 33 percent of Americans believe the economy is moving in the right direction. A mere 16 percent feel they are getting ahead financially. Some 38 percent think their situation will get worse if Obama is re-elected, 26 percent think it will get better.

And I suspect if you ask Americans if they’re better off than they were four years ago, the only ones that’d answer “yes” are the insane, Democrat operatives, and…

…well, that’s about it.

Just saying – if you’re pitching a story to the mainstream media about race or gender issues, now would be a good time to make your move; it’ll be a seller’s market.

14 thoughts on “Why They Have A Narrative

  1. If you read between the lines, even Obama doesn’t expect significant improvement in the economy before the election. All things being equal,
    if Romney can stay on-message and make few mistakes, he’ll win.
    If Obama stays on message and makes few mistakes, he’ll lose.

  2. Never underestimate media’s ability to disguise what’s really happening on the American landscape. If data doesn’t support what they want, they’ll create a poll to suggest otherwise.

    History says media can salvage its image after the election. Again.

  3. The next Paul supporter who says that there is no difference between Obama and Romney is going to get a call from my minions

  4. History says media can salvage its image after the election. Again.

    Not MSM TBS, this is their final swan song, after this they know they will lose all credibility once the autopsy is done on the Obama Administration. My sources tell me there are stories that will make Solyndra and Fast and Furious look like minor hiccups

  5. P of D: Yes, their credibility is gone. However, the ignorance of most people is astounding. There’s a whole strata of America lost in a cultural fog. They get their news from John Stewart and Steven Colbert, for gosh sake. Critical thought doesn’t apply to about half of America. Too much effort. Better to smoke another doobie, click on MTV and find out why Republicans and Christians (sorry to mention Him to such an august spirit as yourself), are leading us to the dark ages.

  6. NW, I should have clarified, minion interns. They do the grunt work. And TBS yes while I do enjoy Stewart and Colbert the thought they are credible newspeople is kind of scary. Sad thing is though they now have more journalistic cred than CNN, hell this blog has more cred than CNN. And fortunately most of those people out there you described don’t vote, but do tend to reproduce quite often. Idiocracy might be viewed as a documentary someday

  7. You don’t have to be a Paul supporter (and I most certainly am not) to be disappointed, upset and angry that the GOP’s response to the worst President in modern times is Mitt Romney.

    We have work to do downticket. Serious work. A candidate who causes such heartburn to the base is a significant problem toward getting that work done, in my view.

  8. No the worst was Bob Dole, I like the guy but come on. If we had nominated Forbes that year we may not have won but would have at least made it an interesting election night.

  9. The Okun’s law graph I linked to earlier shows that the economy would have to grow at a 5% annual rate for 12 quarters (3 years) in order to bring the unemployment rate down 3 points to 5.2%.
    Average quarterly GDP growth since Obama’s recovery began in late 2009 has been 2.45%, and Obama isn’t even talking about how he’s going to improve on that. This is as good as it gets in Obamaville, folks.
    BTW, a no-growth, slow-growth economy hurts unskilled and low-skilled workers more than it hurts the 1%.

  10. You know the economy sucks when even the illegal aliens are bailing on us. Maybe they will have better luck finding work back on their home planet… wait I mean country

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