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Joe Doakes from Como Park forwarded me an email for a “Continuing Legal Education” class with an interesting panel of guests (emphasis added):

Join extraordinary national and local speakers for a comprehensive update on all things banking law, including the latest information on new law and regulatory efforts.


Leonard N. Chanin, Assistant Director, Regulations, for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”

Timothy Divis, Regional Counsel, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – “Regulatory Perspectives on Key Issues”

U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison, Member of the House Financial Services Committee –“Congressional Update”

Terry Jorde, Senior Executive Vice President/Chief of Staff for the Independent Community Bankers of America – “From the Farm Belt to the Beltway”

Steve Mumm, Senior Applications Analyst, and Jennifer J. Olson, Senior Attorney, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis – “A Refresher on Regulation Y”

Stacy Powers, Assistant District Counsel, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency – “Regulatory Perspectives on Key Issues”

Attorney General Lori Swanson, Office of the Minnesota Attorney General – “Developments Affecting the Financial Services Industry”

Plus Minnesota’s leading banking law experts! Register now!



Keith Ellison and Lori Swanson are banking experts? Explains a lot about the problems in our financial system.

headline like that, how can you resist. Hoodies all around no doubt.


2 thoughts on “It Explains Much

  1. I read that Vice-Perp Joe Biden has recently described MN. Senator Al Franken as a ‘leading legal scholar’.

    I didn’t know that Franken was a legal scholar. I don’t even know if he has ever played a legal scholar in his SNL days.

  2. Another Biden foot in his mouth gaffe that will live in infamy! The scariest part? People made an issue out of having Sarah Palin as VP while ignoring this moron. Sorry, but I would much rather rely on SP’s ability to make a rational decision than Biden the buffoon!

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