“Did He Say The Media Is Disingenuous, Or Disgusting?”

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s revelation that NBC altnered the tape of George Zimmerman’s 911 call to bump up the “Racist” factor comes the news that Zimmerman didn’t say “It’s a f****ng coon”, but rather “It’s f***ng cold“.

CNN cleaned up the audio from the 911 call.  I took a listen to it.  While some quibble, it seemed pretty clear to me that Zimmerman was saying it was “f****ng cold”.  You be the judge.

If that’s the case – and I believe it is – then what we have here is a case of the media (aka “Obama’s Praetorian Guard”) committing a series of calculated lies, or at least making a curiously congruent set of unwarranted assumptions, that might not have been carefully designed to whip up racial tensions on the part of blacks (to draw their attention away from their catastrophic unemployment rate under Obama) and against civilian gun ownership (so as to make white liberals like “Spotty“, among many others, care about just another dead black kid) – but it’s hard to see how events and news would have unfolded differently if they had been trying.

We saw all of this here in the Twin Cities last fall with the Evanovich case; until Mike Freeman, the Henco prosecutor, exonerated the shooter, the local media was doing its absolute level best to whip up exactly the same combination of racial and anti-gun frenzy.

I was going to invoke Berg’s Seventh Law: “When a Liberal issues a group defamation or assault on conservatives’ ethics, character or respect for liberty or the truth, they are at best projecting, and at worst drawing attention away from their own misdeeds.”  But it doesn’t completely appliy.  It’s actually a contender to be a corollary to Berg Seven, if not a law unto itself:

Any time the liberal media (to say nothing of leftyblogs) “reports” on guns or race, they should be distrusted but verified.  And then, almost invariably, distrusted some more“.

I lost count of the cases in point decades ago.

6 thoughts on ““Did He Say The Media Is Disingenuous, Or Disgusting?”

  1. Doesn’t matter what he said. What matters is what he THOUGHT. Could it be Zimmerman was thinking “the next direct hit to my face could be fatal?” – and responded while he still had enough wits about him to not find out the hard way?

    This case demands a Grand Jury. Until then, everything is speculation. It’s too bad some aren’t willing to wait for the evidence to speak.

  2. ‘This case demands a Grand Jury.’

    Game, Set, Match!! What it does not need is the meddling of the Feds, this is and should be a local and/or state matter! And to the media; STFU!

  3. Would a 25 year old Hispanic/Latino from Florida even know that the term “coon” was used 75 years ago as a racial slur?

  4. Anytime I hear terms like “enhanced audio” my BS meter goes on high alert.

    Chuck, different people know terms for many reasons. Predicting that someone knows or doesn’t know a term based on age or race is pointless. Secondly, even if he did use an improper term does that change the facts of the event?

    A KKK member or a Black Panther also has the same right to defend himself if attacked.

  5. I listened to it but didn’t hear “cold,” I heard “cops” which fit with the context.

    Zimmerman is a homeowner serving on the Neighborhood Watch doing his civic duty to his community. He sees a suspicious character and does the right thing – he calls 911. He’s wants the cops to come deal with the suspect but he’s getting grief from the dispatcher who can’t figure out the directions. It also fits with another comment elsewhere in the call about “getting away with it again” which I suspect refers to the fact that by the time the cops show up, the suspect is always long gone – and likely will be this time, too. In his situation, I’d be disgusted with the F—ing Cops, too.

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