No More Years

I’ve held for quite some time now that I think Obama is likely to get re-elected.

Incumbency is a powerful bit of inertia – and America’s media has abandoned all that “speaking truth to power” and “afflicting the powerful and empowering the afflicted” twaddle in favor of becoming a sort of info-Praetorian Guard.  Obama, by another measure, holds all the cards.

And yet he’s been busted his own big fat smug mouth has busted him colluding with a foreign dictator on defense plans, his own idiot Vice President is practically sending out invites for a resurgent Tea Party, the young and ignorant are wising up even as the rich and deluded are wiping the scales from their eyes. and the Constitution may finally be riding to the nation’s rescue, shooting his hallmark legislative “achievement” out of the saddle in the process, causing even the media to notice that all is not well.

The GOP – and the Tea Party – have a lot of work to do.  But this week, for the first time in four years, it almost seems doable.

6 thoughts on “No More Years

  1. Too bad we’ll probably have to do it with Romney heading the ticket. 🙁

  2. Doable? Obama has spit in the face of the middle class and insulted the intelligence of a whole strata of the voting public for three years. His class warfare worked the first time around, but it’s not playing in Peoria anymore.

    The good news is: MSM is losing its clout and in spite of political gymnastics, darkness will never illuminate light. The independents, moderates, weenies – call them what you want – aren’t nearly as pliable and gullible as media would have us believe. Voters are keeping their powder dry and won’t even tell the pollsters what they really think about Obama because they don’t want to go to bed at night wondering if they’re a closet (whisper) conservative!

  3. Is there a human being on the planet who believes that “cutting subsidies and tax breaks for oil companies” will:
    1) Reduce the price of gas?
    2) Reduce oil company profits?
    3) Lower their own tax burden?
    4) Increase needed government services?
    5) Lower the deficit?
    6) Create jobs?

  4. There is no hiding the public’s life experiences. No matter how loud the MSM says “the economy is great”, people look at their own situation, look at other’s situations and say “no it’s not”. You’ve either been laid off, know someone who’s been laid off, struggling to get by, had to budget more, etc. There is no hiding that. No matter how hard Obama tries to run away from the economy and tell people not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, Presidential elections have ALWAYS been about the economy. Obama and the Dems will pay the price for their classic over reaching the past three years. It started in 2010 and will continue in 2012.

  5. ” Obama, by another measure, holds all the cards.”

    I’m not so sure given…….Fast & Furious, Solyndra, Light Squared, the collusion you mentioned with the Ruskies, alledged topedoing of a potential Israel air base in Azerbaijan, on and on.

    Or the baggage he carries in the likes of Holder, Chu, Jackson, Sebelius, I’m expecting Issa, Grassley, and company are going to be turning the nooses really tight on Barry’s crew as things draw in on the election.

    What a success story he can point to for 3 + years work, gas and energy prices likely to be heading sky high, real inflation soaring, unemployment taking no real trend down. If his insurance scam doesn’t play out he’s as likely as not holding a bunch of small cards that don’t match.

  6. From Tom Smith at the The Right Coast:

    If Obama were the president of a public corporation and he was referring to his shareholders rather than to the people of the United States, is there any plaintiff’s attorney who could not just tear him apart for disloyalty? No, forget that. He would be forced to resign; the shareholders would just have him out.

    Who exactly is the President supposed to be representing when he speaks to the Russians?

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