An Inconvenient Investigation

Let me make a coupile of things crystal clear, lest the idiocracy that is the Twin Cities Sorosphere try to make hay by gang-raping the context of what I’m about to write:

  • In a self-defense shooting, nobody wins. As you are repeatedly told in carry permit training, having to kill someone in justified self-defense is the second-worst possiible outcome.  While most defensive gun uses involve no shots being fired – like, about 98% of them – there are usually around 1,000 homicides in the US every year that are ruled justifiable.  Most of them leave behind a family mourning someone whose life took a tragic turn – and one shooter who has to live with one of the most terrible moral conundra known to man for the rest of their life.   And even when it’s as justifiable as can be – a 100 poiund woman killing a 250 pound stalker with a sexual predator record longer than the woman’s legs – it’s almost always a tragedy for someone, and almost always a psychologically, to say nothing of financially, scarring event for the person who did the shooting, no matter how justified it was.
  • I’m a parent.  In particular, I’m a parent who’s had all sorts of trouble raising teenagers (although not nearly as much trouble as one particularly loathsome, depraved, morally retarded and, I think, disturbed leftyblogger would have people believe).  Whenever I hear of some teenager and their family coming to grief in some awful tragedy – a car crash, suicide, overdose, a prank, stunt or impulsive criminal act gone wrong, or whatever – think “there but for the grace of God went I and mine”.  Defusing IEDs is nothing compared to the impulses of a hormone-addled teenager under the best of circumstances.  If the circumstances aren’t “the best?”  Ugh.

With that said; did you hear that hissing sound?  That was the sound of a media/liberal narrative starting to go flat (with emphasis added on occasion):

With a single punch, Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk, leaving him bloody and battered, law enforcement authorities have revealed to the Orlando Sentinel.

That is the account Zimmerman gave police, and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say. There have been no reports that a witness saw that initial punch Zimmerman told police about.

Bear in mind, this is Zimmerman’s account – as, apparently, corroborated by witnesses.  This is far from a final report from the investigators, much less any indication of what the county attorney, much less the Feds, will end up doing.

This is what the newspaper has learned about Zimmerman’s account to investigators:

He said he was on his way to the grocery store when he spotted Trayvon walking through his gated community.

Trayvon was visiting his father’s fiancée, who lived there. He had been suspended from school in Miami after being found with an empty marijuana baggie. Miami schools have a zero-tolerance policy for drug possession.

And so on, and so on.

This is no more final and definitive than the left’s hooting and hollering about “murder” and “stalking” and “profiling” were last week…

…except that this time it’s the police, rather than Media Matters (and you can expect a campaign to discredit the police department and prosecutors from the left’s chanting points bots next).

Two facts here:

First: under Florida law, Zimmerman is considered innocent until proven guilty:  since it’s a plausible (!) self-defense claim, it’s the police and prosecutors’ job to prove he wasn’t in legitimate fear of death or great bodily harm, that he used excessive force, and that he was a willing participant.  As a result, expect Media Matters and, eventually, the media to start second-guessing the whole Fifth Amendment thing when they really really really want to find someone guilty of something.

Second? The Administration has to be getting nervous.  As we discussed yesterday, the Administration needs this incident to keep their constituents – Afro-Americans and lily-white urban liberals – whipped up. But lynch mobs have short attention spans, especially if they can’t actually lynch anyone.

As I said when the shoe was on the other foot and the media was telling us in lock-step that Zimmerman was a cold-blooded murderer – we don’t know everything yet.

And by “we”, I mean “and that means you too, liberal know-it-all who believes anything the media has to say about anything”.

15 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Investigation

  1. I expect that Zimmerman is going to be charged. Not necessarily because the prosecutor has enough evidence for a conviction but because the mobs are calling for blood. If he should be aquitted I expect Federal charges and a second trial.

    Double Jeopardy was such a quaint notion back in the eighteenth century was’t it?

  2. And if he should be acquitted (or never charged), expect L.A.-type riots in Florida – and possibly elsewhere – similar to the ones after the first Rodney King verdict. Those pumping the hot fires of hate to fill this balloon for their own purposes have left very little space or opportunity to let this deflate short of conflagration. If Zimmerman is acquitted, that balloon goes up.

    You’ve already got people putting bounties on the man’s head, for crying out loud. How long before the President says the cops have acted stupidly? Zimmerman may have been acting out of his own presupposition, “profiling” a young black man in a hoodie, and may have miscalculated the consequences. Those attacking him are doing their own profiling, choosing the stereotype of what they want to see, regardless of the facts – and may be just as unprepared for the consequences.

    There is no beast hungrier than the one that dines on our own prejudices because the raw meat thrown into its maw never satisfies and only leaves it wanting more. We should be careful before going for a ride on the back of that tiger, but what we have are people shouting, “Saddle up!”

  3. And to think that I thought, opponent of Mr. Obama that I am, that his election would put some of our racial animosities to rest. Dumb bunny me!

    I would hope–if Mr. Zimmerman’s story happens to be true–that some young punks do in fact get the message that “if you choose to pick a fight with someone because you think you’re being disrespected, it could be the last fight you ever pick.” Count on the “Revs” Sharpton and Jackson to work to prevent that from happening, of course.

  4. Oh, Terry. With Sharpton and Jackson you can count on that, and more.

    You can also count on those two poverty pimps walking away with 99% of the loot.

  5. They now have to figure out how to win the Jews back over while at the same time not pissing off the Muslim base that Hakim X represents in congress.

  6. jpmn, once he is (most likely) found not guilty in a trial do you expect riots like there was after the Rodney King verdict? Only this time we won’t get a “can’t we all just get along” quote

  7. More and more information leaking about Trayvon. Not quite the innocent teen on a quest for Skittles. Suspended from school for spray painting graffiti on school grounds. Flat head screw driver and women’s jewelry found in back pack. Of course, I always carried a screw driver with me in high school. And I never knew when the spirit might move me to give jewelry to a passing girl. Yes, the idea of a semi-tough street punk from Miami casing houses in an Orlando suburb where nobody knew him is gaining credibility, same as the idea that he might try to sucker punch some citizen who dared to confront him.

  8. Yes ben, unfortunately I think riots somewhere will happen with the poor excuse of the verdict as the reason. The riots might be in FLA, or Oakland, NYNY or in many places.

    I hope that I am completely wrong.

  9. No riots. Public furor will peter out when the Obama Administration realizes it’s not working and moves on to the next thing to stir up the base against Evil Conservative White Rich people.

    The “Justice” Department will definitely persecute the guy, though. Remember, they ran Fast And Furious intending to sneak enough guns into Mexico to be able to justify banning them here. This is another avenue to drive home the point that ordinary citizens should not have the right to defend themselves from violent attack any more than Arizona has a right to defend itself from alien invasion. There are no Rights, only priviliges, which flow from the government.

    “Government is great, government is good, and Obama is its prophet.”

    Geez, maybe I should trademark that and get T-Shirts printed.

  10. Wait, the shooter was a democrat…. hmmm… new mem…

    …’Black’ hispanic nearly beat to death by ‘white’ african-american ends with gunshot… details at 10…

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