Not For Turning

This just in:  Astroturf protesters heckled Mary Franson in the House Ag Committee, trying to overturn the 2010 election results by demanding her resignation over their context-mangled attack on her.  (The issue was in danger of fading from the headlines; the left can’t afford that)

Here’s her response – emphasis added:

Intimidation and bullying are hallmarks of the far left. The protesters here today exemplify the abusive nature of their political involvement by demanding my resignation and silence. They don’t engage on the tragedy of dependency and poverty because they have no solutions, only threats and theatrics.

No one is fooled or persuaded by these Alinsky tactics and far from resigning, these astro turf events only make me more committed to helping the poor out of poverty. My constituents support my efforts to change that status quo. The public knows stunts when it sees one and today’s orchestrated, manufactured “protests” are just that.

Mary Franson

The poor aren’t animals – but huge swathes of the DFL are a bunch of hyenas.

Mary is under a lot of fire right now – and it’s becoming more and more depraved.  She could use a call from some real Minnesotans, supporting her.

One thought on “Not For Turning

  1. They don’t engage on the tragedy of dependency and poverty because they have no solutions, only threats and theatrics.
    All they have left is hate. Even the most radical ideas of the Obama administration amount to no more than nibbling around the edges of problems like unemployment, poverty, and war. Cass Sunstein proposing that retailers be forced to display healthier foods more prominently in super markets is far from the workers seizing the means of production — but they would still bankrupt you or put you in jail if you refused to comply. With the Left these days, it’s all the oppression, none of the Utopia. Instead the rate of obesity and type II diabeties might marginally decrease.

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