Hijab, Mijab, Everybody’s Jab

Years ago, my first good technical writing job was for a company that was contracting with Nabisco to produce computer-based training for a “bag in a box” line in Portland, Oregon.

The OSHA regulations for people on those lines were pretty strict; no jewelry; hair nets (and beard next, if you had enough beard); no loose clothing that could get caught in things.

And things, there were. Chain pulleys for the bucket conveyor that hauled the Cheez Nips and Wheat Thins from the conveyor belt (that hauled them from the bakery) to the scales, which had dozens of flipping, clanking lids and doors opening and closing every second, pouring product into bags; the pawls and arms and rotating cams of the machine that stuck the bags into the boxes; the pulleys and steel rods that shoved the boxes into packing crates for shipment.

(Oddly, there was no rule against grabbing a snack from the bucket conveyor).

While the plant followed all the usual rules and regs, I could see where wearing loose, flow-y clothing could cause a problem, opening Nabisco up to a world of liability (and the hapless worker to a lifetime without a finger, arm or head).

So I hear these stories…:

A group of Muslim workers allege they were fired by a New Brighton tortilla factory for refusing to wear uniforms that they say were immodest by Islamic standards.

Six Somali women claim they were ordered by a manager to wear pants and shirts to work instead of their traditional Islamic clothing of loose-fitting skirts and scarves, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a civil liberties group that is representing the women.

The women have filed a religious discrimination complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“For these women, wearing tight-fitting pants is like being naked,” said Valerie Shirley, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota chapter of CAIR. “It’s simply not an option.”

…and wonder – with no desire to be ethnically insensitive, mind you – “perhaps, ladies, there are fields you just shouldn’t seek jobs in? Jobs like oil-rig worker and Alaska crab fisherman and, perhaps, working in a food plant with (presumably) lots of equipment that long ago pushed the OSHA to ban, like, long flowing clothing in the workplace?”

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  1. Peev:
    “Badda’s incapable of grasping nuance.”

    Well, either I can’t grasp nuance, or you can’t deal in nuance very well. I’m going to run on the latter.

    Regarding Lileks, does he need to meet you to know you?

  2. Kerm, maybe you dont’ get it, but when Mitch made his HIGH Bar comment, I decided to go after it.. I like challenges.

  3. Peev:
    “Badda – I’m bored with you, I answered your questions…”

    I simply asked you to point them out to me… give me a little reference point. You continue to be… uh, “challenging”.

    But not in a good way.

  4. Look all of you, you throw out insult after insult, and get pissed off when you’re treated the same way. Maybe it’s time you got that you bring in on yourself. You don’t like being mocked or lectured, look in a mirror.

  5. Point out what Badda? How Mitch reflected anti-muslim rhetoric, done. how Mitch used spin in the article, done.

    Now you want me to sift back through your nonsense and point out your extremism? I think your constant haranguing does that just fine, thank you very much.

    That said, you commented about how someone who is anti-German isn’t required to say nice things about Germans… to which I pointed out that you were proving my point about Mitch. My conjecture to you is, you’d not have made the comment about Germans if you weren’t contrastingly, putting all muslims in a boat too. That’s called bias. Ok, are we done now?

  6. Then, Peev, you’ve become that which you despise. You have become like us.

    The horror.

    [Brent]Now go run out in the street and play Hide and Go Fuck Yourself.[/Brent]

  7. How Mitch reflected anti-muslim rhetoric, done. how Mitch used spin in the article, done.

    Now you want me to sift back through your nonsense and point out your extremism?

    Since you got the “anti-Moslem rhetoric” completely wrong, I think it’s incumbent on you to do exactly that, since your discernment is very much in question.

  8. peevish said:

    “anti Arab bias”

    Wow! I supposedly have ‘anti Arab bias’ for using the middle initial of the Democrat candidate for POTUS. Pretty lame, peevish.

  9. Yeah Kerm, phew, what a ride.. of crap (mine included).

    BTW, Mitch, as I recall the capital of Liberia, is Freetown, of Algeria, is Tangier, of Tunisia, Tunis, of Libya, Tripoli A dominant language in Senegal, is French. And the saying in Mali is WAAW, as in West Africa Always Wins. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’m well read enough that your insults are out of line, whether I personally take offense or not. All of the above is of the top of my head, big fella.

  10. You’re earlier claim, Peev, which you’ve fogotten, is that I was some radical far right extremist.

    You’ve made the same claim on a number of folks here. To you, that is an insult. What’s more, you based it on the fact that I tell you you need to “Lighten up, Francis”, apparently.

    You’re useless.

    …and you’re favorite band sucks.

  11. What’s more, Peev, where exactly has Mitch lumped all Muslims together?

    Seems fairly clear that he’s lumping all Muslim women involved in this story with each other.

    Look, douchebag, you want us to submit… we’re not going to submit.

  12. As a documented “far right extremist” I think I should object, but then, I wear it as a badge of honor.

  13. Oh, I simply like to think of myself as fairly conservative… but he throws terms around that he doesn’t really seem to understand. What’s more, if he based it on comments is probably remembering them from any number of other commentors.

    I’ve got additional comments at Anti-Strib, Hadleyblog (Our Word), my blog, and a few others… not to mention various postings, and I suspect he has tried to read (using a rough estimate) around about none of them.

    I’m perfectly willing to discuss my own personal political beliefs (I do it with my left-leaner friends often… real folks, not like the imaginary people Peev constantly touts). But he’s going to need to step up to the plate and stop acting like the caricature he’s become.

    The same caricature he uses to describe us. 😆

  14. Peev (and AC, to some extent, although I think he just likes the snark) labors under the belief that we get all our information and “marching orders” from Mitch and his blog, and that we’re incapable of thinking for ourselves. In other words, Peev’s a fucking idiot.

  15. he throws terms around that he doesn’t really seem to understand

    You mean like this?
    “First, when 9/11 happened, virtually the ENTIRE american muslim community denounced Bin Laden. American (and other) mullahs have declared Fatwas against Bin Laden since 9/11.”

    According to this pew study, http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=10330400
    Only a quarter of Muslim-Americans believe that 9/11 was a Bin Laden operation. 15% of American-Muslims believe that suicide bombings are sometimes justified. If 15% of Jewish Americans (whose numbers resemble the number of Muslim-Americans) believed that suicide bombing was sometimes justified we’d admit we had a major problem on our hands.
    The first Fatwa against Bin laden was pronounced by the Spanish Islamic Council a year after the Madrid bombings. The Fiqh Council of North America announced a fatwa in July 2005 that condemned terrorism, but it did not mention Al Qaida or Bin Laden by name.
    Forget about getting the truth about this from Juan Cole. Cole says that many Muslim Clerics have announced Fatwas against Bin Laden, but when you follow the links these supposed fatwas, they are routine condemnations of terrorism, not fatwas. Fatwa has a specific religious and legal meaning in Islam. It is not the same thing as ‘condemnation’. Cole knows this. He takes us for fools.
    Cole is writing for the peev’s of the world.

  16. Oh yeah. And peev used the absolute adjective ‘virtually’ to modify the absolute adjective ‘entire’. Adjectives must agree in number & degree with one another.
    Peev’s tendency to do things like this are what makes him such a knob. God help him if he tries to think through problems this way.

  17. Someone still needs to check on whether or not Juan Cole said anything slightly anti-Semitic.

    It would be priceless to connect someone like that to a guy like Peev who said, “If there is a more thorough discussion of the day to day on the ground realities in Iraq, I don’t know of it.”

    (Not forgetting that Peev stated If there is a more “whatever” then he doesn’t know of it, that’s just begging for a limerick.)

  18. How do I get that half-hour of my life back?

    Mitch…seriously…just ban the guy.

  19. Cole’s social skills are such that he can’t even get along with his own Bahai community — which is saying a lot.

  20. What was the Good Friday meltdown?

    The day I called him an asshat for his threadjacking, and not responding to direct questions.

    He didn’t like that one bit, whining about being insulted while tossing far nastier ones himself. But…

    That thread ony had 120 comments in it.

  21. Nope. It’s been pretty quiet. Peev dropped by a couple times to offer up short, well-considered opinions, that were, as always, on topic and logically thought out. But, other than that. . . pretty quiet.

  22. Pretty quiet indeed. But then angryclown’s girlfriend wrote this article:


    and in it said some stuff like:

    “Perhaps in the spirit of compromise, Obama could agree to let Iran push only half of Israel into the sea. That would certainly constitute “change”! Obama could give one of those upbeat speeches of his, saying: As a result of my recent talks with President Ahmadinejad, some see the state of Israel as being half empty. I prefer to see it as half full.”

    with which both peevish and angryclown are in total agreement. RickDFL didn’t understand it, but after a couple of dumb questions he’ll probably flip a coin to decide if he’s “agin it” or “fer it”.

  23. Good Lord-286 comments! The only posts worth reading were the limericks. I knew it was bad when the first post out of the gate was peev.

    On topic-the women should comply or find a job elsewhere. I am sick of the Muslims, even sick of the word ‘Muslim’. Tired to death of anything to do with them….and don’t care who thinks it’s bigoted. Imagine anyone (but especially a woman) going to a Muslim-majority country and telling them where the bear shat in the woods. But here we must be ‘sensitive’….or at least appear to be (liberals).

  24. Oops….228 comments. I knew there was an 8 and a 2 in the amount….STILL, though, since they were mostly peev, it SEEMED like more.

  25. this is post #230, at this point 73 posts are from Peevish. I don’t have the time to read & count how many are responding to his drivel but I’m certain that that number is more than 73.

    So out of 230 posts, at least 146 (probably closer to 200) of them are monopolized by one poster.

  26. Colleen disclosed: “I am sick of the Muslims, even sick of the word ‘Muslim’. Tired to death of anything to do with them….and don’t care who thinks it’s bigoted.”

    AC certainly thinks so. But of course you don’t care, which is why you so often say bigoted things.

  27. Yep, unlike you ac…the tolerant Christian-lover that you are. What a laugh.

  28. “So out of 230 posts, at least 146 (probably closer to 200) of them are monopolized by one poster.”

    So if Mitch isn’t going to ban the greasy little pissant, maybe we all need to start ignoring him. He serves no purpose other thanhearing himself blather.

  29. peevish is the undisputed master of “I know you are, but what am I?” “I know YOU are, but what am?” “I know YOOOOOOOU are, but what am I?”

    The rest of us grew out of that in 3rd grade.

    Simply amazing, and that’s not a compliment.

  30. Geez, I was just thinking, “Nearly 300 comments’ worth of mad passionate mudslinging going on here, and no angryclown?”

    Then His Clownhood showed up, and the sun rose on America for yet another day.

  31. I am sick of Alois vom Lugers, even sick of the words ‘Alois vom Lugers’. Tired to death of anything to do with him….and don’t care who thinks it’s bigoted.

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