Dead Tyrant Walking, Part II

Ed notes my prediction from three years ago, and predicts:

I suspect that the Maliki government will actually execute Saddam within 72 hours, before the protests can gather steam. I also predict that they will televise it, just to ensure that the Iraqis don’t fall into a new conspiracy theory that they executed someone else as a stand-in for Saddam.

We’ll see.

Since we’re into predictions, I’ll float another.  Mark your dead pools for Saturday, 3PM Central time (midnight Baghdad).  Here’s why; Ronald Reagan and the Pope both passed away moments after the NARN show let off the air.  Now, you’d be right in saying that there’s no comparing Hussein with either of those two great men, or comparing the natural deaths of two men after long, rich lives to the execution of a genocidal Napoleon.  That might well throw my prediction off.  But I gotta start somewhere.

My first prediction was a very slightly educated guess.  Here, I have tradition on my side.

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