The Shot In The Dark State Of The Union

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Are your children going to be better, paying off fifteen trillion in debt (and counting)?

Your grandchidren?

Don’t be an idiot.  Of course you’re not doing better now than you were four years ago.  One out of eight Americans who want to work can’t find a job – so even if you have a job, and have managed to improve your outlook, you are going to be pulling the cart, on the job and at tax time, for everyone else.

We’re not a foodstamp nation; most of the nation still has a strong work ethic.  And our Administration is counting on that – for just enough of us to keep pulling.

We’re a sled dog nation.  And Barack Obama is the musher.

Last night’s message; Mush.

27 thoughts on “The Shot In The Dark State Of The Union

  1. You are spot on, Mich. And you pulled it off in less than 7,000 words.

    One-bama’s speech reminds me of a story I heard about Stalin. An old women asks Stalin why so many people are loyal to him and how he maintains power over them. Stalin reaches down and grabs a chicken roaming the street and then proceeds to brutally rip it’s feathers out while the chicken screams in pain. He puts the naked chicken down on the ground. He grabs a hand full of grains and bends down and offers it to the chicken. Cautiously the chicken comes toward him and begins eating out of his hand. After a minute or two, Stalin stands up and the naked chicken huddles at his feet. Stalin tells the woman “I can do anything I want to them and as long as I feed them they will follow me anywhere.”

  2. Stalin, NickDeranged? Angryclown is disappointed. You don’t have a phony Hitler anecdote at the ready?

    So you’re parroting “food-stamp nation,” eh Mitch? Classy.

  3. Parroting? Read more carefully, Boxerclown; I rejected “food stamp nation”.

    Sled dog! Woof!

    Hitler was a Mets fan. Or so I heard.

  4. Those two guys shaking hands over the Mississippi on the old Twinkie logo? Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels.

  5. I agree with 0bumbler, everyone should pay their fair share in taxes. That means no more free ride for you, AC, and the rest of you 49%!

  6. So Obama wants to “reclaim American values”. I wonder where he learned about American values? It couldn’t have been growing up in Indonesia. Couldn’t have been from attending Punahou academy in Honolulu. Couldn’t have been from his Marxist father or his socialist mother. Maybe he learned about American values from his grandmother the banker.
    “An economy built to last” means “no quick fixes for the economy”. With this guy prosperity will always be just around the next corner. I suspect his economic gurus have given him the bad news that there will be no further recovery in time for the Fall election.
    But the Wall Street types are doing okay. Great Job, Obama!

  7. So President Zero says no more bail outs and the same rules for everyone after he pushed for passage of TARP I as a presidential candidate and gave Geithner power to spend TARP II money without congressional oversight. I guess these “American values” he wants to return to don’t include “integrity”.
    He’s also getting political appointee Eric Holder to put together some kind of task force to prosecute financial fraud. Everybody knows Holder gave Clinton the okey-dokey to pardon Marc Rich after Rich’s ex-wife made large donations to the Democrats and the Clinton library. Rich was fugitive charged with multiple counts of fraud, tax evasion, racketeering, trading with the enemy (!) and other crimes.
    “Everybody plays by the same rules” my ass.

  8. Hmmmm . . . according The Nation, states attorneys general are about to settle with the major banks over the mortgage fraud/robo-signing issue: The Left is very upset about this. Obama’s new “financial fraud squad” was formed to mollify a critic of the settlement (he put that critic in charge of it, according to the huffpo:
    So you’ve got a settlement and a new financial fraud investigative team, headed locally by the state AG with jurisdiction in New York, and the project is supervised by USAG Eric Holder, infamous for recommending a pardon for a big time Democrat donor. Holder is now the only person that stands between an eager NY AG’s office and Wall Street bankers. That ought to fill up Obama’s campaign coffers!
    Seems like if we had a free press some enterprising journalist might want to look into this. Maybe one of the journalists who was so concerned about the independence of the JD when Bush was prez.

  9. I’m inclined to agree with StuffWhitePeopleLikeClown, here Mitch. When it comes to work product, Obama is a model of efficiency having given the same SOTU he gave in ’11 and except for a Solyndra riff, the same SOTU he gave in ’10 ( ). Let’s be honest, the guy’s not as bright as his ‘light worker’ PR campaign would have you believe (have you seen his grades from Occidental or Columbia or understood why he didn’t get a SCOTUS clerking job even though he was editor of the prestigious Har-vard Law Review? Yeah me neither).
    Yes, he may be the food stamp president, but he’s taking care of people, make that his people, very well. If you are like me and Warren Buffet and the other shareholders in Berkshire Hathaway, our giving back (in the form of providing cover for President Incompetent’s faccacta tax the rich class warfare ‘strategy’) means we’re CASHING IN via our little railroad subsidiary, BNSF, making Limbaugh like obscene profits on transporting oil via rail in the more leak prone, the more accidental spill likely, the more expensive transport method than the Keystone Pipeline way to get oil from the North Dakota oil fields down to the Gulf of Mexico. We’re just like the Rockefeller’s or James J Hill.
    As for your tens of thousands of pipeline ‘workers’ out of work due my guy Barry doing me and the Buffet Billionaires a solid – Go get your food stamps off the dresser, bitches!!

  10. Angryclown thinks you kooks would like being sled dogs. You eagerly follow whatever asshole you’re told to.

  11. Uh, yeah, that’s why there are three contenders for the GOP presidential nomination and no one knows who will win it.
    You are a moron, Angry Clown.

  12. “Angryclown thinks you kooks would like being sled dogs. You eagerly follow whatever asshole you’re told to.”

    This from a man who parrots the WaPo’s laughable Five Myths sophistry. Good to see that when the ghost of Katherine Graham yanks the chain, at least one nose ring moves in her direction.

    PS: Keep reading and parroting the WaPo though, StuffWhitePeopleLikeClown. We Berkshire Hathaway holders need your demographic (urban hypster) to keep Apple buying ads in our paper to promote their latest China slave labor (Now with more oppression!) built products.

  13. Steven Hayward at Powerline notes that if Obama gets his “Buffet Rule” of a minimum 30% tax for millionaires it will gut the tax-free muni market just as local governments need to issue them to make up for dropping property values:
    And of course any first year economics student knows that money taken by the government in the form of taxes reduces both spending and investment in the private sector.
    There is no chance Obama will get his millionaires tax, of course, and not just because of the GOP dominated House. The Democrat controlled Senate hasn’t been cooperative in passing these “tax hikes on millionaires” either, presumably because they know how it will effect the economy in the state they represent.
    But it is red meat for Obama’s restive Left base. Expect to see more of this as the year progresses. When the polls show his chance at a second term vanishing he’ll give up on the independents and work to drive out the base to help the party down ticket.

  14. You meant this Jonathon Alter 5 myths, Seflores?
    The stimulus worked? Okaying the killing of Bin Laden was an act of courage? Obama would be a better public speaker if he didn’t talk over our heads and wasn’t allergic to sound bytes? Obama just looks like a tool of Wall Street? He can’t be a called a socialist because he didn’t nationalize the banks or GM?

  15. I think that Obama could’ve punched up his point about the 30% minimum tax for millionaires by mentioning that if Romney had to pay a 30% minimum tax, that extra money alone would have allowed the government to finance a Solyndra every 165 years.

  16. Gee, Terry, I hope President Obama doesn’t start a war over WMDs, then doesn’t find any WMDs. That would be *really* embarrassing.

  17. In this country the congress has the power to declare war, not the president, Angry Clown.
    Hate to learn ‘ya like that. I understand it can be humiliating.
    Maybe you can ask Hillary or Schumer how they handled that crazy “War in Iraq” vote? Or Kerry? Or Edwards, if he’ll get his d*ck out of a floozy long enough to talk to you.
    You also might ask Obama why was against the Iraq War when he thought they did have WMD’s. I bet you’d be the first.

  18. Speaking of embarrassing – Obama didn’t go into Libya over MANPADS – Man-Portable Air Defense Systems, like the Russian-built SAM7 Strela that was apparently found by the thousands in Gaddhafi’s arms stockpiles – but the general consensus is that they were there, and that they aren’t now.

    Obama might want to hope they didn’t really exist, lest terrorists start lopping off airliners around the world.

  19. You also might ask Obama why was against the Iraq War when he thought they did have WMD’s

    Oh, that’s easy; he’s fairly consistently opposed larger US interests.

  20. Now Libya was Obama’s War. Lock, stock, and barrel. Didn’t bother to go to Congress.
    Just one of several revisions he’s made to the constitution lately. He also has assumed the power to decide when the People’s Senate is in session, and which of the People’s laws he will or will not enforce. Positively Caesar-like leadership!

  21. I need to gloat. Earlier I wrote:
    “An economy built to last” means “no quick fixes for the economy”. With this guy prosperity will always be just around the next corner. I suspect his economic gurus have given him the bad news that there will be no further recovery in time for the Fall election.

    And this morning the fed announced that GDP growth in 2012 was being downgraded to 2.2%-2.7%, from 2.5%-2.9% predicted last Nov. Housing sales are also down. The Fed says that interest rates will remain near 0% til at least 2014, indicating they see no real recovery until then (11 of the 17 Fed members said the 0% rate will hold til at least 2015).
    Obama thinks we need to increase taxes to improve the economy.
    If you want to screw up the world’s most powerful and dynamic economy, put a community organizer in charge of it.

  22. Thanks for educating Angryclown, Mitch. Angryclown thought manpads were what Kermit wears when he’s manstruating.

  23. If only Romney’s taxes had been subject to Obama’s 30% minimum tax for three decades the money could have payed for this worthwhile project:

    Ener1, an electric car battery company that the Obama administration awarded a $118 million stimulus grant to expand its operations, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Thursday after being unable to repay pressing debts.
    What would Romney have done with the money? Waste it by sending his grand kids to college? Put it in the bank to be lent to people who are expected to pay it back with interest? No, no. The government needs that money to hand to Obama’s political supporters to piss away.

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