“Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Member Of The Republican Party?”

At Hamline’s campus newspaper, Pravda On Snelling, student writer Zachary Knudson notes that notwithstanding the fact that his paper had reported that Tom Emmer had been hired, he had not.   It was an un-offer, Winston.  It never happened.

OK, the paper is actually called The Oracle, but you get the picture.

Anyway, Knudson’s piece tidies up some of the narrative loose ends of the Emmer flap – and leaves a huge, red, “McCarthyite” siren blazing.  Knudson quotes Professor David “Tailgunner Dave” Schultz:

Schultz said that after staff began hearing about the possibility of Emmer joining the Hamline faculty, e-mails were drafted by some staff members to be sent to administration outlining their concerns over the hiring of Emmer.

Schultz said that the faculty was concerned for two major reasons, including whether the political positions Emmer holds were incompatible with the university’s mission, specifically his stance on same-sex marriage.

“Two major reasons?”  What was the other?

As to same-sex marriage?  For starters, Emmer’s position on the issue is in line with that of well over half of Minnesotans, including, I suspect, a majority of Democrat voters.  Is it Hamline’s position that only people who believe in the overthrow of traditional marriage may teach at Hamline?

Given that same sex marriage is one of those “Things White People Like” – blacks and latinos are much more traditionally-minded on marriage than us crackers are – does that mean that the University must screen double-dog hard to get only politically pure black and latino faculty? Or do black and latino faculty get a pass on this issue?  How about the “students of color” – do they get a pass, or are they at Hamline to be re-educated?

And here’s the clinker; Emmer didn’t talk about gay marriage during the governor’s race.  Not at all.  Indeed, one of the reasons I supported him was because of an appearance on the NARN at the State Fair in 2009; when someone from the audience asked him what he thought about gay marriage, Emmer responded instantly “I don’t care – this race is about jobs and spending”. Only the DFL ” Alliance For A “Better” Minnesota” focused on gay marriage during the race; Emmer stayed focused on the economy.  And he may have left a lot of pro-tradtional marriage swing voters on the table – maybe enough to cost the election.

So what we have here is Hamline University essentially admitting that they have a McCarthyite screening process for political correctness; a faculty veto on faculty that represent, in fact, any kind of ideological diversity.

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  1. From the article:

    The second concern stemmed from the way Emmer was possibly being hired. Staff were being told that he was simply selected by McCarthy, which goes against the faculty handbook, Schultz said. The procedures for new hires includes a hiring committee and faculty review, which was not happening at the time faculty heard the rumors that Emmer was being hired.

    This is nearly incomprehensible. A concern from the way a person was possibly being hired? Not being hired, but possibly being hired? That a faculty handbook’s rules about hiring were not being followed when someone was not being hired? Why the passive voice? Schulz identifies by name the person who wanted to get Emmer on board (ironically a fellow named McCarthy), but as to the offer being withdrawn? No individual or process is named. It just sort of happened, an effect without a cause.

    A good journalism student would note that Schultz’s hemming and hawing were meant to obscure rather than inform. The place I would begin would be by examining this “faculty handbook” to see if its hiring rules actually applied in the Emmer situation.

  2. Considering the chances are solid that the “journalist” who wrote the article is a student of Schultz’s (unless he’s writing stories on politics for the campus newspaper without being a pol-sci major, which seems unlikely), the chances of a hard-hitting interview were slim and none to begin with. “Excuse me Dr. Schultz, can I ask you some questions about the Emmer thing, then can we talk about my grade on the Occupy Wall St. term paper?

  3. Quick scan of the faculty manual does not show that faculty gets veto on hiring on of non-tenure track instructors. Maybe I missed it….

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