Seen On Ed Kohler’s Computer Friday Night

A trusted source says had the following all written up long before the election for MN GOP Deputy Chair was held:

MN GOP’s _________ Represents Big Business, Divisiveness, and Bigotry #stribpol

Well, OK – no, there is no source, and I don’ t know what Ed had on his laptop.  But I’m pretty sure his headline was written, at least mentally, well before Kelly Fenton won the Deputy Chair vote yesterday.

And the rest of his post was easily-enough predictable; like a fair chunk of the Minnesota Left, he’s disappointed that the Minnesota GOP didn’t take Saturday’s Central Committee meeting as an opportunity to “move to the middle” and do more of the DFL’s work for it.

Never.  Never never ever.

So sorry, Minnesota Left.  You’ll have to do your own campaigning keep getting Alita to pay for doing your campaigning

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