The Gang That Couldn’t Protest Straight

I know that I’ve pretty much given up trying to keep up with all the stories of the violence and depravity at the various “Occupy” sites around the country over at my “Climate Of Hate” page; there’s just been too much for what is supposed to be a series of capsule summaries of individual events.  “Occupy” has turned, with a nod to “Iowa Hawk”, into “Rat-infested Nazi-endorsed rape camps”.

The folks at Verum Serum have been trying to keep up with it all.  Will they keep it going?  Who knows:  It could be a full time job.

Their list, so far (go to the original article for links to sources):


  • Occupy Fort Collins – Member arrested, $10 million in damage
  • Occupy Portland –  Member arrested for throwing Molotov Cocktail
  • Occupy Seattle – Suspicious fire at Bank of America 2.7 miles from camp
  • Occupy Portland – Three men arrested with homemade grenades


  • Occupy SF – 12 assaults in 24 hours
  • Occupy LA – 4 assaults including two with knives
  • Occupy Philly – Man punches woman in the face
  • Occupy LA – Two assaults including setting someone on fire
  • Occupy Berkeley – Police respond to three assault calls per night
  • Occupy Wall Street – Three men threaten the life of a sexual assault victim
  • Occupy Lawrence – Punch thrown
  • Occupy Orlando – Knife fight sends man to hospital
  • Occupy Portland – Multiple assaults within a 24 hr. period
  • Occupy Toledo – Man assaults police officer after arrest
  • Occupy San Diego – Woman assaults cameraman
  • Occupy Victoria – Man dumps urine on city worker
  • Occupy Vancouver – Two police officers bitten during near riot
  • Occupy Oakland – Death threats
  • Occupy Austin – Man in Joker make-up arrested for brandishing knife
  • Occupy Oakland – Man sets his dog on reporter
  • Occupy Oakland – Man pulls a knife in camp
  • Occupy Wall Street – Photographer assaulted


  • Occupy Boston – Two drug busts in a week
  • Occupy Boston – Another drug arrest
  • Occupy Boston – Heroin dealers busted were living with 6 year old boy directly behind welcome tent
  • Occupy Portland – First hand account “Drugs. Selling…Heroin. Meth.”
  • Occupy Portland – Video of open drug use in the camp
  • Occupy Portland – “I get high“


  • National Lawyer’s Guild member Ari Douglas pretends to be run over by a police scooter


  • Occupy Santa Cruz – Ringworm outbreak
  • Occupy Atlanta – TB outbreak
  • Occupy Wall Street – Zuccotti lung outbreak
  • Occupy New Orleans – Man discovered in tent had been dead 2 days
  • Occupy Portland – Body lice outbreak


  • Occupy Oakland – Fatal shooting

Public disturbance

  • Occupy Dallas – Protesters block bank entrance, 23 arrested
  • Occupy Vancouver – Mob with bullhorn enters bank
  • Occupy Wall Street – Protesters block bank entrance, four arrested
  • Occupier takes a bathroom break in the street
  • Occupy Vancouver – Occupiers disrupt debate, threaten riot when asked to leave
  • Occupy Long Beach – Group disrupts city council meeting
  • Occupy Boston – Three arrested for occupying Burger King
  • Occupy Oakland – Yelling and nonsense at Burger King
  • Occupy DC – Group storms AFP event, traps attendees inside

Rape/Sexual Assault

  • Occupy Philly – Man arrested for alleged rape
  • Occupy Wall Street – Two sexual assaults unreported to police
  • Occupy Wall Street – Man arrested for sexual assault, suspect in rape
  • Occupy Dallas – Sex offender allegedly rapes 14 year old
  • Occupy Ottawa – Sexual assaults go unreported to police
  • Occupy Lawrence – Sexual assault reported
  • Occupy Toronto – Foot sniffer arrested
  • Occupy Seattle – Man exposes himself to young girls
  • Occupy Portland – Sexual assault
  • Occupy Wall Street – Drunk gropes women in Zuccotti Park
  • Occupy Cleveland – Rape reported after an overnight stay
  • Occupy Glasgow – Possible gang rape
  • Occupy Baltimore – Multiple reports of harassment
  • Occupy Chicago – Man arrested for child porn
  • Occupy LA – Man charged with exposing himself to a child


  • Occupy DC – Let’s have a coup by taking over the military
  • Ted Rall wants occupiers to choose the path of violence
  • Occupy DC – Mike Malloy incites crowd to cheer for President Bush’s execution


  • Occupy Burlington – Man kills himself with handgun
  • Occupy Salt Lake City – Man found dead with syringe in his tent
  • Occupy Vancouver – Young woman dies of cocaine and heroine overdose
  • Occupy OKC – Young man with history of drug abuse found dead


  • Occupy Portland – Theft is ongoing
  • Occupy Boston – Store owner suffers 4 break-ins since camp began


  • Occupy Eureka – Protesters use local bank as a toilet
  • Occupy Portland – Two banks vandalized, promises of more to come
  • Occupy Oakland – Bank windows broken, Whole Foods vandalized, broken windows
  • Occupy Boston – Banks vandalized with anarchist, OWS graffiti
  • Occupy Portland – Spike in vandalism near camp
  • Occupy SF: ATMs being smeared with feces
  • Occupy Santa Fe: Banks vandalized with OWS-themed graffiti
  • Occupy San Diego – Vendors cart vandalized with bodily fluids
  • Occupy graffiti found on PA governor’s mansion

I can think of a few they left out; where’s the guy crapping on the police car in NYC?

8 thoughts on “The Gang That Couldn’t Protest Straight

  1. Yes and they also missed the SMALL business owners that they are forcing to lay off workers and possibly shut down.

  2. Wouldn’t it actually have to be “something” before we could see the end or beginning of it?

  3. Just for fun, I googled “Gabby Giffords tea party” and came up with the lede of an NPR story from January headlined “Vitriol Cited as Possible Factor in Arizona tragedy.”: the byline is Liz halloran

    Law enforcement officials continue to piece together the facts in Saturday’s shooting rampage that left a federal judge dead and a congresswoman critically injured in Arizona, and some are questioning whether divisive political rhetoric may have played a role.

    Funny how political rhetoric has disappeared as something to be feared.

    Here is former Enron advisor Paul Krugman about a month ago:

    “Consider first how Republican politicians have portrayed the modest-sized if growing demonstrations, which have involved some confrontations with the police — confrontations that seem to have involved a lot of police overreaction — but nothing one could call a riot. And there has in fact been nothing so far to match the behavior of Tea Party crowds in the summer of 2009.”

    Actually, I agree that OWS hasn’t matched the Tea Party’s behavior: the tea Party paid for march permits, cleaned up after itself, didn’t engage in public defecation, drug use and fornication, didn’t stop people from entering streets and buildings. In fact there is a world of difference. Somehow I think Paul was trying to make a different point, but failed epically.

  4. Every time someone mentions what a tragedy this was for Gabby Giffords, it really pisses me off! Although it indeed was, at least she survived! It pisses me off more when they ignore the selfless sacrifice of Judge John Roll who lost his life protecting someone else! But, to the minds morally reprehensible libturd reporters, a Republican dying in a hail of gunfire is just a small detail, unworthy of coverage.

  5. Doc, I would bet the instances of scabies and ringworm in the Tea Party is also fairly minor.

  6. Rioting, violence, anti-Semitsm, envy, squalor, fraud, lawlessness, the destruction of the free enterprise system….

    This is Obama country….

  7. Don’t forget that today, a OWS resident in DC was arrest as he fired an AK-47 from the OWS camp in DC and into the White House.

    Gabby Giffords. I think she is being set up by Democrats to be the person of absolute moral authority in the 2012 campaign. They will have her appear at fund raisers and campaign events, and if you speak out against her or the candidates she is appearing for, it would be just like attacking poor Gabby as she lays in the hospital.

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