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Headline from today’s Strib:

Drought may cut odds of spring floods in Minnesota

Am I being too picky when I say “I think you’re underestimating your readers?”

17 thoughts on “News You Can Use

  1. You have to understand the average STrib reader. The fact that they can read is a net positive.

  2. No, Mitch, you underestimate your editors. If they choose to create a drought or a flood, they will do so. The question becomes whether drought or flood creates the more compelling crisis. If you print it, they will believe.

  3. I vote for flood. The pictures are much more dramatic. Someone standing on his roof in a drought just isn’t compelling.

  4. C’mon, give the Strib a break. There may be places in the watershed that are not experiencing a drought.

  5. Yet another head line from the Red Star that makes a sane person go, “What the…?!”

  6. Had to be a last minute correction by the editor-the full headline was ‘Global Warming caused drought may cut odds of spring flooding’, but that didn’t fit the current talking points.

  7. I laughed at that headline, especially after havingPaul Douglas tell us almost everyday that “More greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere means more precipitation.”

  8. In other news, “Plane Too Close To Ground, Crash Probe Told”.

    Surely this headline will lead to a Sunday editorial on the need for federal intervention in the ground-wetting proceess.

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