It’s About Results

I’ve been hearing it for over a month; “The “Occupy” Movement is going to be bigger than the Tea Party!”, and “It’s gaining1 It’s really really gaining!”.

I’ve been telling people who say that “get back to me when you’ve flipped Congress”.

But as Glenn Reynolds notes in the WashEx, we don’t have to wait for the next Congressional and Presidential elections to see what movement actually packs the electoral gear:

Though they’ve mobilized a fraction of the people who turned out for just one Tea Party rally — the 9/12 rally in Washington, which drew well into the six figures — the Occupy protests have generated far more publicity. And, at least until recently, that publicity has been mostly favorable.

But while lefty share-the-wealth demonstrations have seized the imagination of our nation’s mainstream media, they once again failed to persuade taxpayers to loosen their grips on their pocketbooks.

In the first significant tax-policy vote since the media began fawning over “Occupy”, the hippies have come up short:

In Colorado, a tax-increase effort, massively supported (to the tune of about 20 to 1 in terms of spending) by teachers unions, failed miserably. Not only did it lose by a nearly 2 to 1 margin, it failed to carry a majority even in heavily Democratic Denver. (It barely eked out a majority in Colorado’s farthest-left enclave of Boulder County.)

As Colorado talk-radio host Ross Kaminsky blogged, “The wide margin of defeat for Proposition 103 could only happen with a substantial majority — something on the order of two-thirds — of unaffiliated (independent) voters opposing the measure, something which portends well for Republican hopes in 2012 elections.”

Red state inertia?


This despite the fact that Colorado went for Obama in 2008.

As John Lennon might have said on The White Album’s classic “Revolution”, “If you’re gonna go hanging out in tents/you own’t affect elections now or hence…”

4 thoughts on “It’s About Results

  1. It’s interesting that the PTR media considers the Occupy movement substantial only because they have decided to give it far more coverage than it deserves, particularly relative to the TEAPartay. The same TEAPartay that: Unseated entrenched RINO’s; Repainted the “Ted Kennedy” Senate seat red; and as, noted flipped Congress. The Boomers in the PTR media (and their fellow travelers in academe) keep trying to re-live their Glory Days (my bad – ’80s music reference, and Springsteen at that) of protest in the ’60s through these nose ringed dumb bells who appear to be spoiled, drug addled, hygenically challenged and violent towards women (or did I miss the ‘women only’ space at the TEAPartay’s?). For a laugh or two at the Occupiers expense, check out this series over at Human Events:

  2. I’m getting the feeling that the Occupiers are no longer the darlings of the MSM. My unofficial barometer–The Today Show–featured Matt Lauer skiing down sand dunes in Namibia instead of talking to earnest looking 99 percenters in Zuccori Park. And if they’ve lost Matt Lauer, they’ve lost America!

  3. Seflores;

    Thanks for the link! I need you to know that I snorted coffee all over my keyboard while laughing out loud! That was awesome!

  4. I know it’s very strange, but the Startribune failed to mention the Colorado situation at all. But, hey, it did mention that the city of Boulder passed some small “green” type tax.

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