Dave Thune Doesn’t Apologize. Nosirreebob.

Last week, the Saint Paul City Council rejected the idea of allowing bars in Saint Paul to stay open an extra two hours during the week of the convention.

Fair enough. No biggie.

Except that the rationale of Councilman Dave Thune was that he didn’t want thousands of Republican lobbyists “puking” on his lawn.

Now, Dave’s a jocular guy. And I know as well as anyone that people will josh around, especially when the subject is partisan politics.

Still – in a purple state, and in a city where between 30-40% of the city does generally vote Republican – the remark was considered inflammatory enough that Senator Sandy Pappas – who represents the same general area at the Capitol that Thune does in City Hall – felt obliged to apologize for Councilman Thune at the podium in the Senate last week.

So what does Dave Thune really think?

Over at the Saint Paul Information Forum – an email discussion group that purports to be open to all, but is basically a DFL hive and news-release outlet – Thune elaborated over the weekend. Read the whole thing at the link, because he slips in some modestly sensible stuff before the really defamatory howler), but to save space I’m going to excerpt it a bit.

It’s a long email – and it makes a few good points. I’m hacking out most of it, but to be fair, he notes…:

Its hard work to be a good owner/neighbor, refereeing domestic disputes and picking up litter and hosing down sidewalks the next morning. I like bars (believe it or not) and I like bars to be on our commercial streets and in our neighborhoods, but I am no fool and I know that:

1. The adjacent homeowners and neighbors will hate the 4 AM close time.
2. There is no way to rule that only a few “select” bars can be open til 4.
You either let them all, or none. The law protects them all equally.
3. Limiting 4AM closing to downtown still puts them beside residences who pay as much taxes as you do and did not purchase a condo on Bourbon Street – they chose Wabasha, Minnesota or Wall Streets.
4. Limiting to downtown is in reality unworkable because you would be
leaving out the popular Mancinis, O’Gara’s and Dixie’s bars.
5. We’ve been told that the cost of law enforcement due to extended hours is upwards to half a million bucks – payable via your property taxes.
6. The test of a great city is not how long you can drink alchohol. To hear
a legislator say that we just don’t want to be a big city is insulting and
obviously the words of a moron.

OK. So far so good. A few minor logical howlers, but nothing we can’t expect from a DFL poobah.

Fasten your seatbelts. The rest of this post is a bumpy ride.

I also know that ocassionally I speak frankly and with a bit of passion.
But I am angry that this is being suggested, to cater to a “special” group
of conventioneers who will be judging us predominately by our bar hours. I am more than a little irritated that cities are being played off against
each other (“we can’t be at a competitive disadvantage”).

It’s called the “Free Market”, Mr. Thune, and cities do compete with each other – ferociously – for conventions.

Now, let’s move to the last bit. And in doing so, remember who’s actually coming to Saint Paul for the convention. Lobbyists? Sure! They go wherever government business is transacted; you can expect there’ll be plenty of ’em here. Media, too – by the tens of thousands. GOP staffers and politicians? Yep. Demonstrators, of course – and Dave Thune has already gone far out of his way to make them feel welcome.

And – most of all, the people around whom the whole event is actually centered; delegates. Thousands of ’em. And their families. And who are these people? Regular folks; working stiffs who’ve plugged away working for the GOP long enough to be recognized; in many cases, being a national delegate is a reward for years, even decades, of phone-banking and fund-raising and walking door-to-door handing out literature and counting ballots at precinct caucuses. Work-a-daddy, hug-a-mommy schlemiels who, through the grace of their state conventions, get to spend a week in Saint Paul participating in a political ritual at once ridiculous and vital to our functioning democracy.
People like you and I and, as it happens, Dave Thune.

People that, at first glance, seem unlikely to puke on Dave Thune’s lawn, at least to you and I…

…but not, apparently, to Dave Thune.

I add emphasis below:

Finally, I may have unfairly sullied the reputation of lobbyists. My friend
[redacted, a lobbyist] pointed out that lobbyists don’t puke, they’re professionals who have experience holding their liquor. Its the amateurs who spew.

He may be right, but the particular lobbyists we’ll have in town that week
are the ones who have initiated this whole discussion.

And of course these are the lobbyists who brought us an illegal and tragic war, a recession, polluted water, expensive drugs, and even the moralists who preach family values but play “outside the box” themselves. They are enough to make me queasy without a snootful…

Sorry Sandy, I don’t apologize.

dave thune
ward 2


So a city crammed (for a week) full of responsible, hard-working Americans whose only real “crime” is disagreeing with Dave Thune on politics provoke that much hatred?

This guy is the president of the city council in one of America’s great cities?

If you’re one of the 30-40% of Saint Paul’s voters who vote Republican, this is your government talking (and talking informally among friends; remember, the “Saint Paul Information Forum” is a DFL club in all but name), what does this say to you? Maybe that while the city loves your money (you plutocratic, cigar-smoking Republican, you!), they hate you to the point of venting noxious bilge like this – in private, among friends, anyway?

If you’re one of the Republicans who’s coming to Saint Paul, and planning on spending money (at premium rates, no less) and stuffing the coffers of these two ideological gulags, Saint Paul and Minneapolis, what do you think? Did you start any wars, wreck any economies, pollute any water, import any drugs or cheat on your spouses?

Ask Councilman Thune. Here’s the City of Saint Paul City Council website.

And I’ll be inviting him onto the NARN to elaborate on these statements.

I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE:  Welcome, Powerline readers.  I follow up this story here, here, here and here.

And we’re not done yet.

13 thoughts on “Dave Thune Doesn’t Apologize. Nosirreebob.

  1. Let Dave Thune wallow in his own swill. I suggest that outlying suburbs run charter busses to venues that are interested in the revenues that these GUESTS can bring. Of course Dave is probably thinking that he doesn’t want his city to have the experiences that Boston had in ’04; oh wait that was the the DFL Convention! No neighborhood bars there!

  2. For a change I agree with you, Mitch. If you close the bars, the Republicans will have to turn to the MSP restrooms for a good time.

  3. Yeah, and AssClown don’t want any competition when he and Birkey are ‘cowboyin’ up’ for a restroom rodeo.

  4. Wow, twice with the same joke. You are very interested in man-on-man action.

    By the way, what’s with the stupid name? I’m guessing “Nancy Drew” was your parents’ second choice?

    And tell your mom to stop calling me. Angryclown left the $20 on the dresser as usual. If she’s too drunk to find it, that’s her problem.

  5. I have lived in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In St. Paul I resided in Highland Park, Cathedral Hill, Summit Ave and Frog Town (Life’s ups and downs)

    In it’s present state, I am sad to say that St. Paul is NOT one of America’s great cities. Minneapolis won’t be for much longer but has further to slide.

  6. Minneapolis won’t be for much longer but has further to slide

    Beg to differ.

    Saint Paul is largely infinitely more livable than Minneapolis.

    Indeed, the only thing Minneapolis has that St. Paul doesn’t – besides nightlife – is a livable city next door.

  7. You can tell clown is hurting when he starts with the ‘mother’ insults. Poor guy probably has family issues. Buck up there, little fellow, and stop the waterworks. And by the way, ‘gin’ is not one of the Five Stages of Grief.

  8. Third time on that joke’s the charm you think, Swiftee?

    It’s one thing to be a psychotic scumbag, Swiftee. It’s another to be a boring, slow-witted psychotic scumbag.

    This is just not working out. Angryclown’s going to have to go with Terry as his Shot in the Dark nemesis. No offense, but he’s brighter than you, has a volcano hideout and a plate in his head. You really don’t have much to offer in the archenemy way except, of course, being a psychotic scumbag. Ho hum. Try a blog where you can argue with someone who’s not quite as intelligent as Angryclown.

  9. I emailed the charming Mr. Thune right after his comments hit the PiPress. And so far….no response, go figure. I told him I hoped for his neighbors’ sakes (I don’t really care much about his discomfort) that the urinating anarchists don’t mistake that adorable gazebo in Irvine Park, where he’ll be hosting these protesters, as a gigantic porta-potty.

  10. Every man needs a nemesis to define & toughen his personality.
    When I first moved to Kona I chose the ancient Japanese coffee farmer down the road to be my nemesis.
    I told people that ol’ Toshiro had returned to Japan in 1938 to wage war for the Emperor. When the Japanese took Singapore, Toshiro captured my grandfather, a ‘dancing instructor’ who worked the widowed dowagers at Raffles. He should have known better than to claim he was a British officer & 3rd in line to the throne.
    Grandpa spent the rest of the war in a POW camp in the jungles of Burma. Toshiro was the camp commandant. In between the brutal beatings grandpa was forced to make midget submarines out of discarded cigar tubes. One of those midget subs attacked Jack Kennedy as he swam ashore after the wreck of the PT109. If one of the torpedo blasts had managed to break Kennedy’s skin it might have led to a serious infection. To this day grandpa get the shakes if he sees someone smoking a Partagas.
    Toshiro, you bastard! One day, I promise you, my family will be avenged!

  11. FWIW, my letter to each member of the St Paul City Council & staff:

    Dear St Paul City Council-

    I am one of those voters from another State (a Red State) who in Councilman Dave Thune’s politically partisan words,

    “… brought us an illegal and tragic war, a recession, polluted water, expensive drugs, and even the moralists who preach family values but play “outside the box” themselves.

    In other words, I make Dave Thune “queasy without a snootful…”

    I am curious if Dave Thune’s anti-tourism and anti-business traveler bias is a matter of St Paul City Council policy. As a retired Marine (and now one of those dreadful business people) I have reconciled myself to being unwelcome in Berkeley CA and Toledo OH based on City Council and Mayoral actions. Do I now have to cross St Paul MN off of my business and pleasure travel plans? Are you perhaps a designated “Conflict-free Zone”?

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