17 thoughts on “And There Was Rejoicing

  1. Did someone say kool aid? Why? Is Mark Dayton in the room? Oh…wait…he drinks Kombucha! Never mind!

    On another note, since I am unfamiliar with said report and since it seems to have some ringing endorsements, I shall eagerly await the rebirth.

  2. Thanks Mitch!

    This will actually be a reboot of the old KAR. Instead of the general mirth that characterized the old KAR, I will be dedicating the new and improved(?) KAR to FACTCHECKS and passive-aggressive scolding.

    Or not.

  3. We need some local commentary on the Milwaukee Brewers from the head of……..whoever that was.

  4. I will be dedicating the new and improved(?) KAR to FACTCHECKS and passive-aggressive scolding.
    I suggest that you begin every post with the words “It is a well known fact that . . .” before you repeat some bien pensant bit of nonsense, such as This is significant for a blog that covers politics, as there are a number of political figures on the right who believe sincerely in the ‘end days’ happening sometimen very soon. This should be a very real concen for every member of the electorate, because they base their political plans and decisions on the improbable occurrence, a matter of faith rather than reason, and have indicated they will act accordingly.

  5. I hope to leave the first 20 paragraph comment

    Well, to be authentic it should be a 3 paragraph comment that ought to be broken up into 20 paragraphs.

    And once you post said comment, I hope to be first commenter to write:


  6. Howabout 1 point with 20 “supporting arguments” made up of straw men, misconstrued “facts”, appeals to authorities that only you recognize, and random disparaging remarks about Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney?

  7. Well everyone knows that KAR was a Scaifenet stooge blog that regularly disparged honest citizen journalists. As such it had ZERO credibilty, and even less factuality, factually speaking. And there is serious dispute that Iron Matron is actually a female woman. It’s likely that “she” was just a sack puppet for the so-called “Learned” Foot. Joe Tucci is not worthy of hitting the page forward button on Penigma’s thesaurus.

  8. “We all know that Dick Cheney used to have his secret police arrest war protesters and bring him to his mansion so he could kill them. Well, no, actually, he actually he just shot and wounded a friend while hunting, but the point holds!”

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