Open Letter To Twin Cities Local Media

To: The Regional Mainstream Media
From: Mitch Berg, Prole
Re: Your Coverage of the “Overentitled, Overeducated White People For Big Government” Rally


“Field of Dreams” was a great movie. And one of its hook lines was, indeed, “If you build it, they will come”.

But repeating “The rallies are building! The rallies are building!” (koff koff Alix Kendall and Tom Bultler) several times every newscast doesn’t actually mean that this exercise in Obama-fluffing is ever going to become an actual populist “uprising”

That is all.


(PS – Seriously – I know you want to have a big headline story, but this is the kind of stuff that people are going to be laughing about for years.  The Channel Nine morning news at 7AM devoted a solid four minutes to the protests, clogged with references to “watching the nationwide protests as they spread across the country”, as if it’ll actually happen if you say it once an hour).

3 thoughts on “Open Letter To Twin Cities Local Media

  1. I have yet to witness a MSM reporter ask one of the OWS demonstrators any questions about the origin of the term “The 99%ers.” I got curious, so I did so research of my own. I used a CRO report on effective tax rates based on data from 2004. I believe the hated “Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy” were in force.

    The top 1% of households paid 25% of all Federal taxes.
    The bottom 20% of households paid 1% of all Federal taxes.
    The top 1% paid the same share of Social Security taxes as the bottom 20%.
    The top 1% paid 59% of corporate taxes.
    The bottom 20% paid 0.5% of corporate taxes.

    I think there is a trend there.

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