Managed Risk

Joe Doakes from Como Park writes:

Twin Cities Slut-Walk scheduled for October 1st at 2:00 p.m. at Saint Anthony Main to prove that women can walk around in skimpy clothes without being sexually assaulted.

Girls, you’re missing the point. A woman couldn’t get sexually assaulted at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon on Saint Anthony Main if she were stark naked carrying a sign begging for it. At worse, some tourists from St. Paul might take your picture to show the folks back home.

It’s not risky behavior if there’s no risk. Reschedule the event for 2:00 on a Saturday morning on the U of M campus.

I’m not sure if any of these “slut-walkers” have turned up on First Avenue North on any given Friday night in the summer.  It’s kinda passé, I’d think.  But what do I know.

4 thoughts on “Managed Risk

  1. Two things came to mind. The first is the early “women’s lib” “bra-burning”.

    The second is a decade or two back when some campus feminist took random photos of males from a campus yearbook and made posters labeling the males “potential rapists!”. The slutwalk protest are done without any actual sensitivity by local police.

    Ironically, the police departments in the highest areas of feminist organisation would tend to have the highest police “sensitivity” but also likely to have the largest “slutwalk” marches.

    There is the “dark alley shortcut” conundrum. You have a “right” to take a shortcut through a dark alley without being mugged. That said, if you take the dark alley shortcut there is no guarantee that you can be protected or that the perpetrator will be caught.

  2. Lord (and my wife) knows that I’d be the last to object to women dressing sexy, or even slutty, for that matter. Hallelujah and amen!

    Still, these women may be reclaiming… well, the wrong thing. They have a right not to be victims of crime, sure, but, then, don’t we all have that right?

    Of course we do. Is it going to work out that way? No. Evil exists in the world, and some people will always attempt violence against them. Their choices, then, are to a) submit to the violence, b) demand round-the clock protection from government-employed men in blue uniforms (which will not happen), or c) work independently to maintain and defend their safety.

    If these women — or anyone — want to take reclaim and assert their power, they should do it by dressing how ever they like — as long as it includes a holster and pistol. Send a clear message, not just that women have a right to dress how they wish, but that trying to take what they’re not offering can be hazardous to a criminal’s health.

  3. Andrew Rothman said:

    “they should do it by dressing how ever they like — as long as it includes a holster and pistol”

    I think they could do almost as much good by not objecting, and perhaps encouraging, when others choose to wear those pieces of attire. But maybe a “Slut-Walk” is not all about encouraging responsible behavior. *shrug*

  4. “as long as it includes a holster and pistol.”

    Amen, brother! There’s nothing I like better than a fine looking woman with a gun!

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