Joe Doakes of Como Park writes:

Did political labels flip, and I didn’t notice it?

When I was a lad in school, “Liberal” meant “favored change” which was good, whereas “Conservative” meant “opposed change” which was bad.

But everywhere we look today, Conservatives are the ones desiring change, rolling back government’s over-reaching, while Liberals are opposing change.


Only rhetorically.

2 thoughts on “Flip

  1. Selectively, maybe they flipped, but in general they haven’t.

    Back in the 70s “liberal” meant you supported higher taxes, bigger government handouts, programs that destroyed social cohesion, and racial discrimination against white males. It still does.

  2. I thought of that with Wisconsin. The conservative governor is trying to reform an expensive bloated government. The liberals are supporting the entrenched establishment.

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