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Turner didn’t just beat Weprin last night. He brutalized him.  53-46 – for the Republican.  And it was more like 3:1 in Brooklyn.

In a district that voted 11% in favor of Obama in 2008, and hasn’t had a Republican in Congress in nearly eighty years.

Let the excuses for this past year begin:

  • “We Almost Won The Wisconsin Senate Back!”: Great.  That’s more or less like getting inside your opponents 30 yard line before going four-and-out…
  • “And New York Was…Well…”: …and then shanking the field goal.
  • “It Wasn’t About Obama – It Was About Israel”: And Obama is behind our Israel policy.  Jews have been fleeing Obama. They were solidly for him three years ago.

If things don’t change soon, Obama’s going to have shorter coattails than a plumber.

Bear in mind, things can change between now an November of 2012.   I still fully expect Obama to win in 2012, to gain at least one seat in the Senate, and to retake the House; if they fail at any of these, given the magnitude of Obama’s original win and the wave that swept Dems into office in ’06 and ’08, it will be a humiliating defeat.

But this, like Scott Walker’s win in Massachusetts two years ago, could be an interesting harbinger for 2012 – If the GOP nominates a great candidate, and Conservatives hit the street and work like hell, like we did last year.

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  1. the Dems are recycling the excuses they used to explain their loss in Nevada to also explain their loss in NY – so clearly they do, when they want to, understand the concept of doing more with less – after all why spend money paying a union flack in NY to write lame spin pieces when you’ve already got them in a can in Vegas.

  2. The big question here is was the Democratic loss of an open seat that they have held for 90 years more an issue of Weiner’s misdeeds or of Obama’s policies. If it was just Weiner problems the Dems may still survive in places like NYNY. If it was mostly Obama’s policies even someone like Schumer may be in trouble.

  3. The gay marriage thing……the way Weprin and the Democrats passed that was very unethical and possibly illegal. There is a YouTube video out there of an interview with Weprin and you should see him squirm.

  4. The Republican candidate in the NV special election took Washoe county by 10 points. That’s unheard of, a real bell-weather.
    I disagree with Mitch, I believe Obama is facing real trouble in 2012. At this point in his first term, W’s approval rating was about 53%. Obama’s approval is ten points lower than that and if unemployment stays in the 9% range it’s difficult to imagine Obama’s approval rating getting back to 50%+.

  5. “the rats are gnawing at each other”

    I’m wondering how long before someone announces they’re going to challenge Barry in the primaries.

  6. Hey, when a staunch liberat like Andy Cuomo starts slashing state spending in one of the biggest entitlement/union goon controlled states, you know there are waves being made.

  7. “If the GOP nominates a great candidate…”

    And Romney is NOT A GREAT CANDIDATE. Honestly, out of the 7 or 8 or so who are still in it seriously (or pretending to be), Romney is the one I like least.

    And I won’t vote for him even if he does get the GOP nomination. I’d hold my nose and vote for Newt and pretty much gladly vote for any of the others, but not Romney.

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  9. If I was an evil democrat strategist, I’d be doing a little calculus.
    If Obama’s lack of coat tails is going to cost our side a significant number of seats, and I think Obama’s chance of pulling out a win looks bad, I’d be thinking that a Nader-like 3rd party candidate would bring more progressives to the polls, even if it would make Obama a one-term president.

  10. ^ This ought to be good! I can’t wait to see MSM contortions to explain this one now that 0bambler campaign for “American Jobs Act” is in full swing.

  11. This is great! From the Huffingtonpost, 3 hours ago:

    What can President Barack Obama do, exactly, to ensure the passage of the American Jobs Act? Thus far, he’s taken his case to the public in a televised appearance before a joint session of Congress, and out on what looks to the trained eye to be the 2012 “campaign trail.” He’s got an actual plan to brandish, that incorporates ideas that are, in the administration’s opinion, non-controversial and worthy of bipartisan support. He’s both “gone big” on his sell and “gotten tough” with his tone. And his pitch comes with a “Pass this jobs bill” refrain that supporters are already embracing, with chants at Obama’s events and, the White House hopes, with calls and faxes to their Congressional representatives.

  12. Speaking Strategically (sorry Mitch, that’s what I get paid to do now days) one must consider the ‘big picture.’ I feel the country needs a “crucible” of questions to produce the best alternatives to our current situation. However, the “I won’t vote for xxxx because I dont like his position on xxxxx” is the narrow view to disaster. Please push for all the things that are important to people raised under the concepts of “common sense” and “live and let live” but dont shoot yourselves in the foot because you can’t view the “big picture” answer to an ‘unelectable’ alternative. Push hard for the electables to embrace the ‘conservative principles’ that we were all raised on, but don’t beggar an alternative effort. The end-state is taking America back.

  13. Scott BROWN won in Massachusetts.Scott Walker won in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with Dayton & Franken. How did that happen?

  14. “Unfortunately, we’re stuck with Dayton & Franken. How did that happen?”

    Naivete, and the likes of Mark Ritchie.

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