One Verdict

Joe Doakes of Como Park writes:

Pass This Bill?

Okay, Let’s Do It.  Hey you, Mr. Clerk of the House, what’s the File Number of the President’s jobs bill?  Let’s call it up right now and take a vote.

Huh?  There isn’t a House File number?  Why not?

What do you mean the bill hasn’t been written, yet?  He just called on us to pass it, a dozen times.

The President is going to start writing the jobs bill next week?

Then why in Hell did we have to listen to his speech last night?  Why the hoo-haw about scheduling the speech on the night of the Republican debate, the hysterics about rescheduling it to the night of the Packers game, the wailing about the discourtesy of Republicans not responding to the speech, not even attending, when in the end it turns out the Republicans were right all along – there’s no point in responding, there’s no point in even attending, because there’s NO BILL TO PASS.

This entire episode was empty hot air from an empty suit.  Worse than Carter, which I wouldn’t have believed possible.

Worst.  President.  Ever.

It’s always tempting to run a poll – but a poll with only two options is kinda anticlimactic.

30 thoughts on “One Verdict

  1. Our president plainly stated last night that “This not political grandstanding”, while standing in front of a joint session of Congress. If you can’t believe Obama, who can you believe?

  2. Pass it today? Bite your tongue. Candidate Obama promised 5 days of sunshine between passage by Congress and his signature on every bill that comes before President Obama.

    Write it next week, tweak it the week after, pass something close to it in early October, then the sunshine, then the implementation…

    Is it just me, or does this seem like a soap opera ‘crisis’ episode where they put all sorts of boring filler in to keep you on the edge of your seat?

  3. AC, what would you be saying if Bush said to pass a bill he hadn’t bother to write yet? At least when he told Congress to pass something he had something already written on paper

  4. Barry will get to writing his Jobs Bill as soon as he and the 111th Congress finish their Budget Bill…..pfft!!!

  5. Not everyone was fortunate enough to go to clown college. The degree in balloon animals doesn’t really prepeare one for the real world. That’s why intelligent points confuse and frighten angryclown. The urgent need to flail about with randomly moronic comments soothes his troubled mind.

  6. Look, he was able to get Obamacare passed without anyone reading it (and Pelosi saying we had to pass it to find out what was in it). It makes sense just to skip that whole writing stuff down step in the first place. I mean, it worked for him on his college classes and at the Harvard Law Review, so why get picky now? Just pass the notion and let his czars and regulators figure out how to implement it.

  7. And Obama said “pass this bill” in one form or another 18 times during a speech lasting less than 40 minutes. He was trying to hypnotize those eeevil Republicans.

  8. I halfway expected him to wave his hand near the end of the speech and say ‘this is the jobs bill you are looking for’. We might have been screwed, because clearly jedi Mind tricks work on Congress.

  9. I am in Northern Wisconsin today and decided to tune into Wisconsin Public Radio (classic rock gets old after a while). The radio host interviewed a Political Science professor from UW-Stevens Point to discuss Obamas plan. Apparently talking to an Econ prof did not cross their mind.

    Listening to these two…..the amount of blindness is incredible. They said that both parties had nothing but respect for the President, no matter who was in office, until now. Apparently both of these people were asleep during Bush 43s term. And Bush 41. And Reagan…I mean Bonzo’s term.

  10. Stayed with friends last night and skimmed through the last weeks Eau Claire paper….the editorial page. Read the letters to the editors. As far as I can tell, Wisconsin Democrats are really into conspiracy theories. In the past week, there were about 7 letters going into how some unnamed out of state people who control Governor Walker and have ordered him to make the decisions he has.

  11. You’ll have to forgive Mr. Clown. He voted for Obama and even bragged, after Obama was sworn in, that “the smart guys were in charge now”.
    The shame of that memory must have unhinged him.

  12. Part of the American Jobs Act is a measure “Prohibiting employers from discriminating against unemployed workers when hiring.”
    A gift to the grievance lawyers! Way to go Obama! That’ll convince businesses to hire!
    What a dolt. According to Dana Milbank — hardly a conservative — the GOP representatives he needs to pass this bill openly laughed at Obama during his speech, and Reid had to schedule important votes before & after the speech to get Republican senators to show up at all:
    The “American Jobs Act” will be DOA. It took just 2.5 years for Obama to become the most ineffectual president since Carter.

  13. Everyone knows you wingnut extremists would rather see the country fail than increase Obama’s reelection chances even marginally, Terrorist Terry. No one is fooled.

  14. Y’know, Angry Clown, I was thinking about dear ol’ Rush the other day.
    Almost all the other right wing radio people I can think of got their start doing something else. Levin, Hewitt, and Ingraham were government lawyers in the Reagan years. Medved was a film critic and writer. Michael Savage was some kind of biologist.
    Rush has been a radio guy his entire life. That’s all he’s done. Just radio. Glenn Beck, too.
    And Limbaugh & Beck are kicking Obama’s ass.
    Your “smart guys” are outmatched by a pair of college drop outs.
    Ain’t America a grand place? I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  15. Gee Terry, that’s informative. Any information on the background of Father Coughlin? Tokyo Rose?

  16. Angryclown belched “Everyone knows you wingnut extremists would rather see the country fail than increase Obama’s reelection chances even marginally”.

    Well let’s take a look at this accusation using something the clown is unfamiliar with: logic. Since the country is failing miserably after 2.5 years of an Obama regime, with analysts predicting no real recovery in the near future, It stands to reason that four more years of Obama will make the country fail even more than it has under his sterling leadership. Ergo, clown’s assertion is (as always), 180 degrees out of phase. We “extremists wingnuts” (refer to Bergs dictionary for “extremist”) don’t want Obama reelected because we want the country to succeed.

    Glad I could help.

  17. Any information on the background of Father Coughlin?

    Nothing quite like a namecheck that goes back 75 years. Angryclown is nothing if not a hepcat that way. But take heart, Clownie — there’s a pretty good chance the Republicans will come up with a modern-day Alf Landon to run against our universally beloved president in the next cycle. So all will be well in your world.

  18. AC’s favorite was President Nixon, because he proclaimed the week of August 1-7, 1971, to be “Clown Week,” but now is President Obama because with him it’s Clown Week all the time.

  19. I know all about Rose & Coughlin! There on the Wikipedia list of people that are smarter than Barrack Hussein Obama along with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh!

    . . .
    . . .
    Rush Limbaugh
    Glenn Beck
    Srah Palin
    . . .
    . . .
    Tokyo Rose
    . . .
    Father Coughlin
    . . .
    . . .

    Trig Palin
    Joe Biden

    Ouch! Those last two have gotta hurt!

  20. Bitter, defeated leftist ass wipes like AssClown troll conservative comment threads hoping some Teabaggers will stop by, so he can floss the shit taco Barry has been serving out from between his buck-teeth with a stiff conservative sack.

    Suck it Clown.

  21. This is so sad, angryclown. What is it with all the distractions and name calling?

    This is the best you can do when people say your “smart guy” stinks on ice?

    I guess it is.

  22. Precedent had already been set by “You have to pass it to see what’s in it”.

    Bills? We don’t need no stinking Bills! Expect constitutional scholar Barry to run the rest of his term by executive order.

  23. Trojan Man, fear not. It doesn’t bother Angryclown when morons disagree with him. Say something intelligent for a change, and then Angryclown will start to worry.

  24. Oh angryclown. That would require some faith that you could recognize “something intelligent”, and you’ve given me no reason to expect that.

    To my point: still no “intelligent” defense of your “smart guy”?

    Yeah, I thought not.

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