Well, There You Go

Well, there you go, Democrats.  You  spent tens of millions of dollars of union dues (and goodness knows how much money from liberal sugardaddies), more than you spent during the general election…

…and at the end of the day, for all that, you came up a seat short.

The six-month saga that was Wisconsin’s state Senate recall movement ended Tuesday with Democrats retaining two seats – and Republicans still in possession of a week-old, razor-thin 17-16 majority.

On the fourth election day of the summer, two Democratic incumbents were victorious. Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover) beat challenger and tea party activist Kim Simac of Eagle River, and Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) easily topped Republican lawyer Jonathan Steitz.

Congrats, Wisconsin Dems.

Successful Dem incumbent Jim Holperin points out the narcissism behind the Democrats’ motivations (emphasis added):

Holperin said he believes his win and that of Wirch showed that voters in both districts supported the move by the 14 Senate Democrats to leave the state earlier this year to delay a vote on the budget-repair bill that limited collective bargaining for public employees. “Maybe it shows that voters indicated they deserved more time to let their voice be heard on such an important piece of legislation,” he said.

So there you go; when a minority “wants to be heard”, all they need to do is flee; screw the majority, which was “heard” on election day!

Why do liberals hate Democracy?

To paraphrase Joe Biden, “respecting the results of elections is patriotic”.

6 thoughts on “Well, There You Go

  1. The public employee unions and their bootlicking minions in the MSM have been spinning up a storm about this. But at the end of the day 17 beats 16 every time. As a recent one term US President once said: “Elections have consequences.”

  2. Now, both of these cowards will put their Nazi armbands back on, with the full support of the useful idiots in their districts. The workers at WI based companies, especially Harley Davidson, Manitowoc, Oshkosh Trucks and MillerCoors, had better make sure that the GOP retains that majority, lest they find themselves out of jobs when aforementioned companies move out of WI! Hopefully, by election time next year, these brave men and women should have been able to undo a lot of the damage caused under the liberat boot.

  3. But Tea Partieres are “terrorists” and “hostage takers”. Perspective is important.

  4. From the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel analysis of the recall elections:

    These contests were fought on mostly GOP-friendly turf. The nine districts combined (six held by Republicans, three by Democrats) gave Republican Scott Walker 56% of the two-party vote in 2010, about three points higher than his statewide total, reflecting their overall GOP tilt. Only one of the nine was more Democratic than the state as whole based on the last governor’s race (the 32nd district held until last week by Republican Dan Kapanke).

    Overall, the GOP vote share in these nine districts was about seven percentage points lower in the recalls than it was for governor last fall. The Republican drop-off from Walker’s 2010 vote is probably more meaningful in the case of the six GOP-held Senate seats, since those contests more closely resembled a referendum on the governor and his agenda than did the three races featuring Democratic incumbents.

    If you read the whole article, it shows a marked drop in support for Republicans and Republican policies overall, Walker in particular, even among Republicans.

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