Couldn’t See See That One Coming

35W Bridge Memorial vandalized two days after opening:

Construction worker Rob Bailey went to the Mississippi River on Monday evening, as he had every Aug. 1 for the previous three years, to remember his co-worker and friend Greg “Jolly” Jolstad.

He watched as a new memorial to the 35W bridge collapse was unveiled about a quarter-mile upstream from the site of the tragedy.

“I go down there to pray every year at 6:05 p.m.,” said Bailey, who had just stepped off the bridge moments before it collapsed.

Two days after making his pilgrimage, he was stunned to hear that the memorial had been vandalized, with 22 stainless steel letters ripped out of a message affixed to the memorial’s granite wall.

The vandals in the Twin Cities are getting out of control.

On the one hand, it’s just plain depressing.

On the other hand, it’s tempting to buy two walls on a high-vandalism street, like University or Lake or whatever.  Paint them both a pristine white.  Post one of them “Free Public Graffiti Mural”, and the other one “No Graffiti”.  See how many people go out of the way to deface the “No Graffiti” wall.

And maybe taze them.

9 thoughts on “Couldn’t See See That One Coming

  1. Yes, R.T. Rybak’s and Keith Ellison’s entitled libturd constituents are getting totally out of hand! Curiously, we don’t hear any stories about R T’s monument to his reign (his $50,000 fountain) hasn’t been defaced.

  2. Wasn’t it 10 fifty thousand dollar water fountains boss?

    What were the letters that were removed? Maybe someone just needed new scrabble tiles.

  3. Well it has been a long time since the GOP national convention. These creeps gotta find something to occupy their short attention spans.

  4. Here’s hoping the choice of letters stolen provides a clue that identifies the vandals. In the age of criminals making cellphone videos of their crimes, it isn’t too much to hope for.
    I’m not implying a cause-and-effect relationship, but it’s interesting (and distressing) that a major LA art musuem chose to legitimize graffiti vandals with a recent exhibit. Anything that legitimizes defacement of property deserves condemnation in the strongest terms possible.

  5. One of these days “the wrong” person is going to catch one of these punks in the act. And make an example of them.

  6. I’ll bet, if you look at which letters were stolen, you will get an annagram of the name / nickname of the culprit(s).

    That, or an amusingly off-color phrase.

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