The “Progressive” Playbook

It’s the ultimate “progressive” rhetorical trick play; “progressivism” is, by definition (and the establishment run by “progressives” makes the definitions!) what is best for The People; all sane people want what’s best for The People; if you don’t want what’s best for The People, you’re insane.

It’s not just idle rhetorical chatter.  In the USSR, from the time of Lenin all the way through the Gorbachev regime, political psychiatry was an instrument of state oppression; state “psychiatric” institutions were an integral part of the Gulag.

And Obama’s minions are at it again:

MSNBC host Martin Bashir interviewed Stanton Peele, a psychologist and an “expert on addiction,” this afternoon. Bashir urged Peele to psychologically evaluate supporters of the Tea Party. “It reminds us of addiction because addicts are seeking something that they can’t have,” Peele said. “They want a state of happiness or nirvana that can’t be achieved except through an artificial substance and reminds us of the Norway situation, when people are thwarted at obtaining something they can’t, have they often strike out and Norway is one kind of example to one kind of reaction to that kind of a frustration.”

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy, and to buff up their atrocious ratings.  But thanks for the video, guys. 

Bashir later asked: “So you’re saying that they are delusional about the past and adamant about the future?”

“They are adamant about achieving something that’s unachievable, which reminds us of a couple of things. It reminds us of delusion and psychosis,” Peele responded.

“Our opponents are crazy”.

It’s aimed at the Tea Party, but its audience is really all those progressives – good, decent people in their native habitat – that Big Progressive has to convince to believe that conservatives are less human than they are before the next election.  Because that’s what mass movements whose only real stock in trade is inchoate anger have to do; convince their followers that their enemies are beyond the pale, and deserve what’s getting dished out to them.

They are preparing the mental ground for what is going to be an incredibly ugly campaign.

More, probably, Monday.

18 thoughts on “The “Progressive” Playbook

  1. So reducing the size of government is unachievable? Eliminating deficit spending is unachievable? Cutting taxes and encouraging economic growth is unachievable?

    You want to know what’s unachievable? Getting a liberal to recognize common sense.

  2. So what is it with psychoanalyzing people and political parties with whom you disagree? Any therapist engaging in it is suspect in my opinion. Much has been made of Clinton’s and Obama’s “daddy” issues, but it’s all grist for the mill–as valid as any midnight dorm room bull session. Ascribing the behavior of a group like the tea Party to an individual psychiatric variable is malpractice as well as slanderous.
    I know I’ve dropped this Gandhi quote before, but it has never been more appropriate: “First they mock you; then they fight you; then you win.” It’s a stretch to believe the fight is over, but the statists got fed a can of whupass and here’s hoping there’s room for dessert.

  3. It’s MSNBC. Expecting honest analysis from them is like expecting Michael Moore to make an objective documentary.

  4. Ah, yes, Bashir. He’s the same intellectual heavyweight who opined that Sarah Palin using flag imagery was a federal offense. He conveniently forgot every actual politician in U.S. history use uses/used the same imagery. running on idea fumes since 2008.

  5. They are preparing the mental ground for what is going to be an incredibly ugly campaign.

    I just hope that whoever the Republican nominee is, will start taking the kid gloves off and start calling a spade a spade. Start liberally sprinkling their campaign communication and speeches with the words that will cause the leftist statists to have a case of the vapors. Words like “collectivist”, “socialist”, “communist”, “statist”, “anti-capitalist”, “societal poverty proponent”. The leftist scum took off their kid gloves 15-20 years ago. It’s time to fight back.

    Someone I know on FB predicted 6 months ago that Russ Feingold would be the primary challenger to Obama. At this point in time, my opinion is this: I’m happy to have a caucasian challenger to our first black president. We showed we, as a country, could get beyond racism enough to elect a black president. However, the left showed that they are not beyond using trumped up and false charges of racism against anyone who disagrees with Obama. Time to remove that tool from their toolbox since they are too childish and petulant to be trusted with it.

  6. The Teabaggers are using their pawns in the Republican party to hold hostage the Progressive agenda that the majority of Americans want and need.

  7. Fear not, young Kermit! Obama will save the Progressive Agenda using the money of people who have yet to be born! That is some powerful mojo, brother!

  8. Yes, breed future taxpayers. But don’t breed too many, because people are a virus destroying Mother Earth.

  9. In the Progressive Dream, all persons are government employees led by Wise Men with Ivy League degrees, and everyday at noon a flock of winged unicorns passes overhead pooping money.

  10. And we all take the train to work, where before we shuffle about we gather in the courtyard for mandatory exercise while loudspeakers blare today’s Political Message.
    It’s for your own good, Winston.

  11. Here’s an example of the kind of trash Mitch wrote about:
    One Texas primary voter — hearsay, not even identified as a Republican — supposedly says of Perry “It takes balls to execute an innocent man”, and this used to smear all Perry supporters as mad, vicious idiots.
    Salon is supposed to be a mainstream, left-leaning publication. The article reads like something published by a uneducated liberal blogger.
    Imagine the opposite — that something supposedly said by one person who might have been an Obama supporter was used to characterize every Obama supporter.

  12. How many people has Obama killed in Libya in his undeclared, unauthorized war? Where are all the usual idiots who march around with signs that read No Blood For Oil?

  13. “has to convince to believe that conservatives are less human than they are”

    Ah irony. Lefties always accuse us in the military of dehumanizing our enemies to make it easier for young privates who don’t know any better to pull the trigger. Now (P)rogressives are doing just the same for (p)rogressives-make it easier to dismiss if not hate the Tea Party conservatives.

  14. Years ago we helped a friend, Vladimir, in his quest for asylum in the U.S. He had been institutionalized in the old Soviet Union for being so insane as to report his Site Manager for diverting building supplies to his own dacha.

  15. “How many people has Obama killed in Libya in his undeclared, unauthorized war? Where are all the usual idiots who march around with signs that read No Blood For Oil?”

    Why don’t we use the kind of accounting the libs (Lancet, I believe) used at the beginning of the Iraq war. It certainly is greater than 0 and certainly is less than 1 million, pick a number somewhere in between, how about 357,989.

    As for your second question, it doesn’t count when a Democrat does it.

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