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  1. There is only one thing more distasteful than a public speaker wagging their index finger at the audience (Mark Dayton, Ayman al Zawahiri). That would be one shaking their fist (Shelly Moore).

  2. The first time I saw the ad, my son was with me and he said, “so I bet she called in sick and went down to Madison to protest, huh?”

    Just a guess — she doesn’t like wire hangers, either.

  3. Milwaukee Journal tested Moore’s mailing that claims Senator Harsdorf wants to eliminate Medicare. Their Truth-O-Meter came back as a flaming lie. It’s worth going to the JSOline and reading the story. Very well researched.


    For kicks I did an internet search to see what the left had to say about that. They claimed the Milwaukee Journal is a Republican mouth peice so it means nothing. Right.

  4. Chuck, that’s a good link. Moore is even more despicable than she appears on television.

  5. ” (D-Trotsky)”…………….L. Trotsky??

    Had me doing a double-take, I thought holy crap another Bolshevik, then it occurred to me that Shelly Moore probably fits that mold.

  6. If I understand this right, a Democrat went up to Harsdord, as another Democrat held a camera, and asked Shiela if she supports Congressman Ryan’s Medicare plan. They were hoping to get something on film to use in attack ads (which is twisted as Ryan’s plan is fairly decent). But all she said was “I’m staying focused on state issues”.

  7. I wouldn’t put money on her making the grade. She won the democratic primary by 54/46 (about 2000 votes) against a protest Republican.

    And yes, she’s a former union leader. She’s already under investigation for using her school email for campaign purposes and she made the comment, “We are not supposed to use school email, but since all of our rights are being taken away, I don’t frankly care.”

    A real piece of work.

  8. “We breeeeathhh Unionnnn!” (shakes fists in air)
    That’s a serious case of halitosis.

  9. If I’m Harsdorf’scampaign manager, I’m running ads showing the damage done to the State Capitol building during the cry baby tantrums that the left was throwing before they got served and attaching her to it. Even better if I had pictures of her actually protesting there when she should have been running her classes. “Shelley Moore participated in the shameful demonstrations, while contributing to the more than $7 million worth of damage they caused to our beautiful state capitol.” While she was protesting, her school administrators were scrambling to find a substitute to run her classes, when she called in sick to participate in the vandalism. Is this really the type of person that you want representing you?”

  10. bosshoss, I am a native of that area and kind of knew Jim Harsdorf while I was a younster (he wouldn’t remember me as I was a Young and College Republican at that time…and friends with with his staffer Sue W….she was kind of like a big sister to teenage Republicans).

    I think Shelia will do quite well next month. What a shame it would be for the dairy farmer’s wife to lose to an angry divorced union shrill. And Ellsworth is a nice town and not a leftwing mecca.

  11. Interesting note, went to Hudson tonight to referee a couple of District playoff games, and saw NOTHING but Harsdorf signs in the area, literally 25 to 0. 60-40 at worst.

  12. Chuck;

    Thanks for that update. I’m not from WI, but have friends that are and some current residents. I agree tha tshe will do well.

    Some shadow group akin to A4ABM is running ads now with supposed citizens criticizing Sheila, some claiming that they supported her in the past. One moron’s only line is “We all agree that we have to cut spending then goes to the next moonbat that says “She cut 800 million from our schools.” They should have let the first guy continue, “as long as it doesn’t affect me.” I’m going to donate some money to her campaign. It won’t be much, but Shelley Moore’s ranting just pisses me off that it will be my little shot across her bow – so to speak.

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