Austin-tatious Double Standard

Yesterday, I noted that Kenneth Gladney’s attackers had been acquitted, in a trial in which his SEIU attackers were represented by expensive, big-bucks defense attorneys while the District Attorney’s office in the Democrat-dominated county – mirabile dictu – had assigned a greenhorn prosecutor trying his first jury case.

For those who weren’t paying attention three years ago, here was the  video.

In his Outstage Politics blog, Eric Austin responded with a piece called “The BLEATING Continues“.  You see, I called the original piece “The Beating Continues”, and capitol letters hypes the irony.  You only get this from watching Jon Stewart, I guess.

Anyway – in the mind of the left, the fact that Gladney’s attackers were acquitted means there was never an attack, no way, no how.

You saw the video, right?

Just in case you missed it above…:

What this means is that there is a level of violence that Eric Austin thinks is perfectly acceptable.  I suspect this means that if someone pushes and kicks Austin and knocks him down and puts him in the hospital for a night and calls him derogatory terms – “teacher”, maybe – he’s just going to laugh about it.  (No, I’m not going to warn people not to do it, because smart people know I’m making a point and not calling for violence, and the dumb people who attack people over politics are, with painfully few exceptions, on the left, which is bad news for society, but good news for Austin).

It’s not just Austin, of course; I’ve heard other leftybloggers, even some that aren’t utterly depraved, call it a “pratfall”. That many of them were the ones screeching about “climates of violence” during the Tea Parties, or after the Giffords shooting, is upsetting but also a bit of a tu quoque ad hominem, an inconsistency rather than a refutation.

But it does seem like a double standard; if a Democrat feels threatened, even if the threat is the exact sort of thing elected officials of both parties get all the time, the Republic is in danger; if union goons knock a guy down and put him in the hospital in a hail of racial epithets, it’s a “pratfall”.

No, no – of course the left doesn’t find violence acceptable.  Good heavens, no, and not racism either. Don’t you dare question their demonstrable commitment to non-violence!

Just ask Mr. Gladney.

2 thoughts on “Austin-tatious Double Standard

  1. Eric Austin is a typical snot nosed liberat punk, living in his mommy’s basement spewing typical lib hatred.

    After she made her asinine and moronic statements about scum bag Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year old girl, I wondered if air head Whoopi Goldberg, after being raped herself, would accept her “it wasn’t really “rape” rape” defense from her attacker?

  2. As a matter of fact, this post qualifies as hate speech. Or unpatriotic. Or something.
    Questioning “Progressives” is just icky.

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