The Beating Continues

Can you imagine a racial beating – something that in every possible way is a hate crime – getting allocated a county attorney who’d never tried a jury case? ¬†Can you imagine a county that spends millions on squeezing people for child support starving a hate crime prosecution of funding?

After a trial marked by rookie flubs on the part of the rookie prosecutor, the SEIU goons who were captured on video beating the crap out of Kenneth Gladney – a black conservtive…

…were acquitted.

Does it help that the case was tried in Saint Louis – one of the most Democrat-clogged cities in the country?

Just asking.

Anyway – they’re not guilty.

Lesson learned: ¬†onservatives’ free speech, and safety itself, is only as secure as the local establishment wants it to be.

5 thoughts on “The Beating Continues

  1. Link to an article about the trial?

    And wouldn’t it be a “shame” if SEIU goons decided to pick a fight with someone who just happened to be armed, and a few of them just happened to assume room temperature as a result?

  2. On another subject…you may have heard that MillerCoors products are now banned in Minnesota because the state says Miller did not renew their certificate in time.

    Miller says they did send it in time. But eitherway said “fine, we’ll send it in now”. State says “nope”. We have no one to check the mailbox so you can’t sell Miller, Leinenkugel’s, Coors, etc products in Minnesota. Stuff on the shelfs have to be removed. Yup, the state won’t accept a $30 check from Miller.

    And there are people out there who want the gov’t to run our healthcare. These fuckups can’t even file a $30 registration fee to allow beer sales in the state.

  3. And Kenneth Gladney, who was a hard working, freedom loving American patriot, has numerous physical issues as a result of his beat down by those thugs and can no longer work. Funny how it’s only racism if you are a conservative. I guess that since one of the SEIU Thugs was black, the DemonRAT double standards apply!

  4. Here are some links:

    Along the same lines, a consistent refrain I heard from a liberal roommate I had a few years back was that every wrong, real or pretended, was an excuse for a butt-whoopin’. I guess we’re seeing why St. Louis is one of the highest crime cities, too; complete willingness on the part of the populace to buy the most bizaare excuses on the part of the perps for political reasons.

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