10 thoughts on “Soros Media: “Dear Lefty Whackjobs: Don’t Vandalize These Companies, Please!”

  1. Geez, that article doesn’t look like it was written by an independent to me.

    It is really funny that anyone that funds conservative causes is slime, even if they do provide thousands of jobs, when those that fund liberal causes don’t have the same stigma, no matter how sleazy they are, i.e. George Soros and all of the related entities that he funds.

  2. Well, OF COURSE they need to give out these warnings. Liberals can’t be bothered to do their own research when Michele Bachmann and Koch Brothers are involved.

    Spelling is also an issue for liberals, it seems. One L, two N’s kids.

  3. That’s a shame. A flower shop is such a soft target for jackbooted anarchists.

  4. Don’t people know already that Bachmann’s have been in business for decades? The fact that somebody wastes our time to write this article shows how much lack of attention people pay to the real world. That might explain the large number of people who don’t pay taxes who automatically think if we tax the rich just a little bit more we will be flooded with revenues and can spend more.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  5. Actually, Koch Refinery (Flint Hills) is related. It is the Koch Industries that sells rope and chain which is not.

  6. The fear the companies may have is not from conservatives, republicans, or libertarians. Their fear would be of the unhinged Lefties (which is the majority of their kind).

  7. “I know we usually encourage you to jump to unfounded conclusions, but in you’re making us look bad”.

  8. Scott has it right; the hate and violence is committed by the left. Conservatives tend to vote with our pocketbooks. Unfortunately, the left wants to vote with our pocketbooks as well.

  9. This reminds me of a story I read a few years back by a relative of Rush Limbaugh. She was starting out her career and it involved traveling. More than a few times a hotel desk person noticed her last name and became nasty to her. When she inquired as to the cause of the attitude change, the person would invariably mention that he/she hated Rush Limbaugh and they were not going to be nice to anyone with that last name. She pointed out that she didn’t share his politics, but it didn’t seem to matter. That reminds me, I’m headed to Ohio next month, I wonder if I can find a route that bypasses Dayton?

  10. I just got back from vacation in Boston. Fox affiliate station at Boston Commons had a smashed window. Damage done by a violent Tea Partier, no doubt. Effing “tolerant” Libturds!

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