More Of That “New Tone”

Graeme Zielinski is a former “journalist” who, at least, finally cut the crap and went to work for the Wisconsin Democrat Party. ¬†And here was his Tweet from last Friday:

Go for it, Graeme.

6 thoughts on “More Of That “New Tone”

  1. Give me a shot, Graeme. I have a whole bunch of repressed aggression begging to be unleashed.

  2. I’ll get in line for your BEST shot Graeme (If you can get up after you hook up with Kermit).

  3. Kermit would deck him. I don’t even like the name “Graeme”. Groin, meet throat.

  4. Don’t hold your breath, guys!

    Zielinski is a typical coward liberat. He’s real tough behind the keyboard, but he hasn’t got the stones to say that to a Republican’s face. Judging by his looks, I believe that even a woman could deck his ass!

  5. And today…is National Review? has an item on fraud in Medicare. Somewhere between 10-30% of payments are fruadulent. Billions a year.

    But, hey, we should just keep going on spending like the money is unlimited.

  6. Chuck:

    Don’t forget the only fraud they are looking for is a doctor who asks for at least his costs back to treat a medicare patient. That’s real fraud which they’re trying to stop.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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