The Dayton Dustbowl: Petty, Venal, Vindictive

SCENE:  The Emergency Room at Regions Hospital in Saint Paul.  It’s July 5.  Mrs. JACKIE SZCZYMCZYK, sits in the waiting room, surrounded by other people waiting for results.  She appears distraught.  A BYSTANDER, sitting next to SZCZYMCZYK, is holding a hankie on a cut foot.

BYSTANDER (to SZCZYMCZYK):  “What are you here for?”

SZCZYMCZYK:  My husband – he…he…(sobs)…he choked on a buffalo wing.


SZCZYMCZYK: While he had a lit bottle rocket in his butt.

BYSTANDER:  Um…oh.  Wow.  My.

SZCZYMCZYK: It was all so trivial – such a stupid thing, really – but he fell over and cut his toe on a piece of glass from the bottle he’d broke over his head.

BYSTANDER: Oh, I’m sorry.  Well, none of it sounds life-threatening…

SZCZYMCZYK: It wasn’t supposed to be.  But it took us an extra half hour to get to the hosital, what with the Stillwater Lift Bridge being out because of the budget shutdown.

BYSTANDER:  But – wait.  I’m sorry, but I heard that Governor Walker of Wisconsin offered to pay the bill to keep the bridge open.

SZCZYMCZYK: Oh, my Chuck is a teamster.  He never woulda had nothing to do with Walker.  But why isn’t the bridge open, then?

BYSTANDER: Governor Dayton turned it down.  He wanted to make sure the bridge shut down.  No matter what.


(DOCTOR MANOJ BALAKRISHNAN enters the scene, along with nurse Excedrine MCCARTHY, RN)

BALAKRISHNAN: Mrs. Szczymczyk?


BALAKRISHNAN:  I’m Doctor Balakrishnan.  I’m afraid your husband is dead.  There was nothing we could do…

SZCZYMCZYK:  (Breaks down crying).

BALAKRISHNAN: If only he could have gotten here half an hour earlier, I coulda done sometihng….

(SZCZYMCZYK breaks up in squalls of crying).

PANJAKRISHNAN: There was nothing we could have done.  I’m so sorry.  That extra half hour was a matter of life and death.

MCCARTHY: “By the way, on behalf of the nurse’s union, I hope you’re happy to pay for a Better Minnesota!”.


MCCARTHY: “Way to stick it to that top two percent, sister!”


Well, OK.  I usually play these mock dramedies for yuks.  There are usually plenty of yuks in the workings of the DFL mind.  But a death in an emergency room isn’t funny.

So why is Mark Dayton – and only Mark Dayton – insisting on virtually guaranteeing it?

Scott Walker offered to keep the bridge open.  Stillwater businesses offered to keep the bridge open.  Dayton spurned both offers…

…and, for that matter, the Legislative GOP passed a balanced budget that would have taken care of all of this.  And Dayton vetoed that – them, actually – for what?

…to protect a tax hike that is utterly meaningless, except as a way to try to dictate what’s on Minnesota’s moral conscience?

We know what his priorities are.

16 thoughts on “The Dayton Dustbowl: Petty, Venal, Vindictive

  1. If I can say something off this topic….how low will MSM go? Drudge has a thing up about Michelle Bachmann’s foster children. This has always been a sore spot with leftwing Democrats. How do you attack a woman who has taken in 23 foster children.

    I did a quick internet search and CBS news is going after the kids. Saying that she really didn’t do anything and only did it for the money. Rumor out there is that MSM will try to track down the kids to go on a fishing expedition…similiar to demanding 24,000 pages of Palin emails to see if there is anything they can use against Governor Palin.

  2. How do you attack a woman who has taken in 23 foster children.
    When you are shameless, perpetually angry and motivated by political ideology, scruples are the last consideration.

    Expect lengthy polemics about how Bachmann did it solely for the state money she was entitled to. And there’s a fighting chance that at least one of the 23 foster children has a sob story about what a mean old woman she is.

  3. Last night on KARE 11 News, a reporterette treated us to an art workshop for the mentally disabled (still PC, right?) that will be, er, ah, is not sure if they will be closed in the event of a shut down. After the third time said reporterette used the word “victim” to describe these people, I changed the channel. But not before we were treated to the sobbing of a mentally disabled grown man who drew a picture of his ideal world where everyone got along and had everything they wanted and no one argued and …oh and now I’m all verklempt, Talk amongst yourselves Mitchkateers and wingnuts (PTR).

  4. What Kermit said!

    When you have no morals, it’s easy! I wish that I had the money to fund the wild goose chases that these brain dead loonies participate in! I would launch retaliatory investigations into the families of the Soros supported propaganda spewers, like Media Matters, DailyKOS and any other organization that exploits children like they do.

    By the way, I just wrote all of my elected officials at the Fed level and urged them to revoke MediaMatters 501c status. After all, they will be closing a seriously abused loophole!

  5. Great. Governor JimBeam is more or less doing what school districts do when the voters refuse a levy; maximize the pain by cutting the most popular programs and sparing any cuts in administration.

    And regarding Mrs. Bachmann, I think her response should be something to the effect of “OK, so tell me about YOUR foster children that you took in. Tell me about YOUR personal efforts on behalf of children who have been horribly abused by those who should have protected them. Tell me about how YOU spent late nights cuddling a small child who was terrified of being separated from yet another caretaker. Tell me about how YOU dealt with behavior problems in children who had been “broken” by the system.”

  6. Chuck-
    These recent attacks on Bachmann began with hit pieces written by liberal journalist Michelle Goldberg and published by The Daily Beast. The accusations made by Goldberg are routinely repeated uncritically by our “objective, unbiased” mainstream media.
    Goldberg is insane on the topic of Christianity. She really believes that their is a conspiracy of Evangelicals poised to take over the U.S. government. Here’s a sample of Goldberg’s paranoid ravings re Bachmann:

    On Monday, Bachmann didn’t talk a lot about her religion. She didn’t have to—she knows how to signal it in ways that go right over secular heads. In criticizing Obama’s Libya policy, for example, she said, “We are the head and not the tail.” The phrase comes from Deuteronomy 28:13: “The Lord will make you the head and not the tail.” As Rachel Tabachnick has reported, it’s often used in theocratic circles to explain why Christians have an obligation to rule.

  7. Dayton wants me dead? I just thought he wanted my utter subjugation (and cash). Why it’s enough to make me want to turn off MPR and vote for a more conservative Democrat. I’m from Minnesota, but you can only push me so far before I start leaning to the center.

  8. Terry, at least Ms. Goldberg has actually opened a Bible. Hopefully some of it may rub off on her.

  9. It can’t rub off on Goldberg, Kermit. She is insane. The topic sentence of the paragraph I quoted above is “On Monday, Bachmann didn’t talk a lot about her religion.”
    This is followed by paranoid ravings that Bachmann was indeed talking about religion on that Monday, but you had to know the Super Secret Code that Goldberg knows to understand it!

  10. you just know a sorosblogger is going to take this article mitch wrote and take it out of context to put forth the meme that “look teh kkkonsevatives hate teh peoplez”

  11. “How do you attack a woman who has taken in 23 foster children.”

    Ask DeeGee, she has done that many, many times. Weekly basis.
    Can you say BDS?

  12. Alas, Kermit, Michelle Goldberg is considered a respectable journalist. She has taught journalism at NYU (where you would think they would notice her strange ideas about paragraph construction and the meaning of the phrase “topic sentence”), written for Salon, American Prospect, etc.
    As a person who knows a lot about identity politics but little about religious matters, the elites of the publishing world consider Goldberg a go-to person on religions, especially those she knows least about.
    Not to put it too finely, but Goldberg is too high-falutin’ to write on the Penigma blog.

  13. Mitch:

    While I found what you wrote to be a little funny as one of 127 people Hennepin County is laying off in our service centers because they can’t do their job because governor Dayton veoted the transportation bill (the one that gave him 99% of his desired amount) I have the no funny things going on:

    * The union president sending emails blasting Republicans including the attack on the email which Zellers sent to the state workers.

    * The union vice president (scheduled to join me in layoffs by the waying) telling co-workers that the Republicans are to be blamed.

    * When I sent the union president an email pointing out it was Dayton’s fault she just pretended I didn’t know what I’m talkng about.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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