The Dayton Dustbowl: Circling The Drain

Mark Dayton’s budget – and worse, what his budget would mean for the state’s long-term fiscal viability – is a disaster waiting to happen; the equivalent of going out and buying a new Beemer when you’re four months behind on the house payments.

Senator Roger Chamberlain of White Bear Lake has been an inspiration this session; he’s one of the freshmen firebrands that just plain gets it, the fact that if we don’t tame the beat now, there will not be a fiscal tomorrow.

He’s circulating the following email.  Read it, and forward it to your friends; it is that important.  I’ve added some emphasis:

This may be a bit unconventional but it is time to be heard. I know many of you have done much already, but we all need to do more. This will not be easy, it was always a possibility that we would be on this path. If we are to win this struggle with the governor and the progressives, we need all of you. We need to mobilize the troops to answer and counter the lies of our opponents. For 5 months the governor has not made a single difficult decision. He has had the luxury of standing on the sideline; doing nothing but criticizing and name calling. Now the ads have started. Much is at stake.

Our struggle is not only against a destructive progressive ideology but also against an entrenched bureaucracy and a complacent media.

Some facts:

1. $30.1 billion – Mn dollars spent during 2010-2011 biennium

2. $34 billion – Our balanced budget proposal to the governor. this is the amount in the checkbook.

3. $37 billion – the governors budget proposal

4. Revenue projected to increase by 8.5% next budget cycle

5. $400 million increase in K-12

6. Almost $600 million increase HHS spending

7. All other areas receive CUTS and reforms

8. I and other legislators will meet with any of you to discuss ideas, etc.

All of these numbers are supported by MMB, our spreadsheets and the governors published proposal. Those are the FACTS.

Share with your family, friends, co-workers; post on blogs, comment on blogs, letters to the editors, post on telephone polls and message boards, call MPR, call or write to the governor and his commissioners. Work with Taxpayers League, MN Majority, Free Market institute, et. al.

The governors plan will destroy this state. If we were to accept his plan, what will we do next year or in two years when expenses will increase another 10-25%?

Thank you and God Bless!


Roger Chamberlain

The worst thing about the Dayton budget isn’t that it increases spending by the levels Arne Carlson did back during the cha-cha boom years of the nineties – although that’s bad.  The worst thing is that his budgets will continue the “autopilot” for budget increases, with no end in sight.

Which means that in the next biennium, “the rich” will be everyone earning over, who knows, maybe $75,000?   There will be no way for revenue to keep up with spending

…and the spending is not , by and large, to benefits students or the poor, but to keep state government workers in benefits like most of our employers can’t afford.   The spending will require you to keep working until you’re 70 so they can retire at 55.

Stop the madness.

6 thoughts on “The Dayton Dustbowl: Circling The Drain

  1. But MIIIIIIIITCH! A Four BILLION dollar increase in spending is a CUT. How many times do I have to ‘splain this to you?

    Signed, Dimwit Dog and Brain-Dead Tim from the commie enclave of StP.

  2. But at least our disgnosed manic depressive gov hasn’t played golf as much as The One. Nice to see he spent the ONE day each year set aside for honoring our armed forces by visiting troops at Bethesda, or spending a few hours at a VFW…or American Legion…or maybe hosting a group of veterans to the White House for a lunch. Oh…wait…The One scurried away from the traditional wreath drop at Arlington to…play his 70th round of golf since his coronation. And its the 7th week in a row he’s played golf.

  3. My my my, for being a “community organizer” who, you would think, would eschew the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” (with apologies to Robin Leach), he sure is engaging in a lot of bourgeois recreation instead of his more normal indoor hoops that he had the White House bowling alley converted for.

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