The Voice Of The DFL

Robert Espinosa – who, to the best of my knowledge, has never said or done anything that didn’t start with a false pretense – is the voice of today’s DFL.

Go for it, DFL.  Embrace your inner, disingenous, narcissistic, solopsistic, childish id. You’re not fooling anyone.

21 thoughts on “The Voice Of The DFL

  1. Just like Rush Limbaugh is the Republican leader. I mean, if you buy into the Limbaugh meme, you cannot avoid buying this one. Right Dog Gone?

  2. And, as usual, WDFL showed this clip on the morning news.

    Tom Emmer was on Bob davis’ show this morning and thanked the local media for not giving this attention seeking waste of space the attention that he craves, so he must not have known about the morons on 4.

    Their next big story was about the popularity of the Facebook page of Mad Mark’s new mutt is!

    A real slow news day!

  3. Given the implications they wanted to make, why did they use silver glitter instead of rainbow colored glitter? My daughters could show you where to find it at Wal-Mart.

  4. Peter is right. We need to let the mature adults in the Democrat party pick GOP candidates. Maybe anoint them with glitter.

  5. Is it me or Kermit who doesn’t seem to understand how linked text works?

    The “This guy” I’m referring to is the Republican from Iowa who confronted Gingrich about his criticism of Ryan’s budget plan.

  6. Pete, we saw several instances during last years Tea Party rallies of people infiltrated to make the genuine demonstrators look bad. You say he’s a Republican. Arne Carlson made the same claim.
    Oh, but it’s on YouTube, so it’s the real deal. I’m glad he didn’t have a bag of glitter.

  7. reminds me of the guy, let me rephrase that; idiotic child, that dumped pennies on Emmer to protest him last June.

  8. Hey Mitch! How about a “write Tuesday’s Strib headline” contest for when the Legislature adjourns? Submit headline, optional sub-heading, maybe first sentence or two. This is for the front page article, not the editorials, you know, the unbiased one!

    Example might be “Special Session Ahead. Republicans fail to reach compromise with Governor.” “Having missed several key deadlines, what little time was left for serious negotiations was not enough to clear the final deadline of all, the Constitutionally required adjournment of the 2011 Regular Session by midnight last night.”

  9. “GOP Fails Minnesota”
    “Governor Dayton Bravely Stands At Helm Of Ship Of State”

  10. “Governor Dayton Bravely Stands At Helm Of Ship Of State”

    only if the ship is the Titanic

  11. forgot the second part of the headline, “after being arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct outside state capitol in which he moons the GOP caucus”

    hmm… I might have crossed a line here, but I’m not saying its not out of the realm of possibilities

  12. Kermit, what, you want to float the theory that Republican outrage at Gingrich’s comments about Ryan has been staged by Soros-backed operatives?

    What’s best about this, is that Gingrich has joined the chorus of those who don’t like what Gingrich said about Ryan.

    It’s on YouTube, too, so I suppose it’s just some liberal who has infiltrated a Newt Gingrich body suit.

  13. Peter, Gingrich has already backed off his statement. Look up the phrase “tempest in a teapot”, and then measure this non-story with the MSM yardstick.
    Anyone who really thinks Newt will be the GOP nominate is in need of a reality check. And needs to find a better resource than YouTube. I would suggest National Review or Powerline.

  14. Newt needs to shut up and skulk away into being a policy wonk. He’s never getting elected to anything ever again.

  15. Sorry Kermit. I didn’t realize you were one of my betters, to whom I must defer when it comes to assessing the relative importance of various news stories.

  16. I’m not one of your “betters”, Pete. I do think you have some deficiency in the critical thinking department. Not my problem.

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