The New Carter – Redux

Trading in a “moderate” tyrant for extreme theocratic tyrants?

It may not just be for Carter anymore.  Andrew McCarthy in NRO:

Screaming “With our blood and soul, we will defend you, Islam,” jihadists stormed the Virgin Mary Church in northwest Cairo last weekend.

(Trivia question: Which traditional Lutheran, Episcopal, Catholic or Presbyterian hymn does “with our blood we defend you, Christianity” come from?)

They torched the Coptic Christian house of worship, burned the nearby homes of two Copt families to the ground, attacked a residential complex, killed a dozen people, and wounded more than 200: just another day in this spontaneous democratic uprising by Muslim hearts yearning for freedom.

Just another day on the Arab Street?

Well, yeah – but we did put them there.

Worse (in a sense); the media, always running interference for the Administration, is covering up the true nature of the violence:

In the delusional vocabulary of the “Arab Spring,” this particular episode is known as a sectarian “clash.” That was the Washington Post’s take. Its headline reads “12 dead in Egypt as Christians and Muslims clash” — in the same way, one supposes, that a mugger’s fist can be said to “clash” with his victim’s face. The story goes on, in nauseating “cycle of violence” style, to describe “clashes between Muslims and Coptic Christians” that “left” 12 dead, dozens more wounded, “and a church charred” — as if it were not crystal clear who were the clashers and who were the clashees, as if the church were somehow combusted into a flaming heap without some readily identifiable actors having done the charring.

The narrative was set over the winter; the “Arab Spring” was an unalloyed good thing; it was Obama’s foreign-policy baby; it unleashed a wave of arabic Madisons and Jeffersons.  If we just keep believing.


6 thoughts on “The New Carter – Redux

  1. The Islamists have been oppressing and brutalizing the Copts for years. The progs and secularists either don’t know or don’t care.

  2. Islam is “the religion of peace”. It’s always peaceful after you have killed everyone who you disagree with.

  3. I noticed the headlines also. “X and X clash in Eygpt”.

    And when the KKK bombed that Birmingham church and those little girls killed, it really wasn’t a bombing of a church on a Sunday morning, it was “Whites and Blacks clash in Birmingham Alabama”.

  4. I’m starting to think we shouldn’t have promoted the protesters in Egypt…

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