Closed Circuit To You Know Who

There are many, many reasons Barack Obama is not qualified or fit to serve as President.

Let’s focus on the ones that matter; he’s a socialist; his background for office was never adequate; he oozes contempt for everyone who’s not like him; many of his supporters are reprehensible scumbags; he’s incompetent; he ran on a platform of “restoring Respect” for America, and then went on to lose it; his meddling has multiplied a national debt that already had us on the road to ruin; he’s at the head of one of the most corrosive movements in American history.

Put another way – what if his Birth Certificate is fake? Even if it’s fake, and even if an impeachment movement got him removed from office, it wouldn’t undo the damage he caused.

There is no miracle “get out of hell free” card with Barack Obama or the socialists; we have to get rid of them the hard way.  At the polls.  One vote at a time.

While there’s still time.

OK, but how about his law school admission?  Oh, there’s a shocker – a lawyer or petty academic who got where he wanted by paper-chasing, up-sucking and ass-kissing!  That’s never happened!

I’ll say it again; you don’t get rid of Barack Obama and the detritus of his administration by niggling about with paperwork.  You do it by getting the American people to vote him out of office.

We’ve got a year and a half.

21 thoughts on “Closed Circuit To You Know Who

  1. Could we please get people on the left to stop insisting that Obama is not a socialist?
    The man thinks that the health care of 21 year old men is a collective responsibility.

  2. 240 dead in Libya and Obama sends in the unmanned drones. Tens of thousands dead on the Mexican border, mass graves being discovered almost daily, and Obama tells us “we’re more secure now than we have ever been”.
    See the cat? See the cradle?

  3. I cannot envision a second term, but I know Americans well enough to know their obsession with culture and entertaiment tend to make them stupid and forget liberty is the cornerstone of all the excesses they swim in. In ancient Rome, the saying was give the masses “bread and circuses” and you maintain the Republic.

    How else do you explain “Dancing With the Stars?”

  4. What was the big news story?

    An old Hawiian document? Seriously?

    Pay no attention to the news that China will soon pass the US and become the new global economic leader.

  5. And, forget that the Iranians have the bomb! What’s important is Kate’s gown.

    Sorry. Cynicism. Happens whenever we’re on the brink of global economic cataclysm and “E” comes up with a new line-up of blockbuster shows.

  6. KR, by some measurements, China already has surpassed the United States, and they may not be the only one to pass us:

    “the sharpest rise in American exports since 1988, and it enabled the United States to pass Germany and again become the world’s second-largest exporter, behind China. The margin between the United States and Germany was only $16 million, a difference of just 1.2 percent, and could vanish as preliminary figures are revised.”

    Fortunately by multiple criteria, Obama HAS successfully improved our respect and standing with the rest of the world, AND has presided over some of the largest gains in real jobs in the manufacturing sector of the 21st century.

  7. Fortunately by multiple criteria

    Read: when you cherrypick long and hard enough…

  8. You’ll notice Dog Gone did not mention which country those manufacturing jobs were created in.
    Government subsidized jobs aren’t real jobs anyway. You get ninety cents in value for every dollar you spend in wages and the we’re borrowing the dollars from chi-coms.
    There are a host of countries that can manufacture just about anything you can think of cheaper than the US, and Obama is making it more expensive to manufacture here.
    Epic fail.

  9. Man, Mitch, this was so dead on. From beginning to end.

    The fact is, given Trump’s past political baggage, a conspiracy-minded type could imagine that the whole reaction to the Birther Movment is one big manufactured “shiny bauble” to distract from a not very successful presidency.

  10. multiple criteria = multiple straw men.

    Who knew that being a second-largest exporter equates to being a global economic leader FACTCHECK (TM)!

    So now we know that finance is economics is yet another issue DogPrescottPile knows nothing about but feels compelled to opine on. But hey, it is [still] a free country and DogPrescottPile is entitled to voice her opinion, and being taken to shed, once again, for the inanity of it.

  11. Fortunately by multiple criteria, Obama HAS successfully improved our respect and standing with the rest of the world,

    What the heck does this mean? Measured with what? A Respect-o-meter? Based on those well-known, well-tested theories from Social Science? The metric version, of course.

    Honestly, statements like the above are so dumb, you’d think Mitch was making ’em up himself for a pretend foil.

  12. Of course the birth certificate released by the White House is fake, and a poor job of it, too.

    That’s par for the course for an administration run by political operatives so convinced of their superiority they don’t even know why it’s wrong to give the Russians a big red button, DVDs to a blind Prime Minister, or an iPod of your own speeches to the Queen. They blightely ignore Rev. Wright’s hatred, throw Grandma under the bus, hire tax-dodgers and grovel before Saudis . . . because they can! They know they can get away with it, that nobody will question it, that Jon Stewart will smirk at anybody who does.

    Fake but accurate is plenty good enough for this crowd. A good fake isn’t even necessary – any fake will do.

  13. Obama HAS successfully improved our respect and standing with the rest of the world Yup, other dictors just love the guy. The Japanese, English, French, Italians, Irealis etc. not so much.

    AND has presided over some of the largest gains in real jobs in the manufacturing sector of the 21st century. 429,000 new jobless claims last week. FACT CHECK:

    Started the Victory Gin a little early, dear?

  14. And then those damned tornadoes in the South distracted everyone from the important news of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Expect an Executive Order regulating tornadoes sometime next week. Cass Sunstein is already working on it.

  15. One of the sadly predictable features about the entire birther controversy has been the left playing the race card. Here’s a snip from the NYT editorial about it:

    “It was particularly galling to us that it was in answer to a baseless attack with heavy racial undertones. …

    That’s because the birther question was never really about citizenship; it was simply a proxy for those who never accepted the president’s legitimacy, for a toxic mix of reasons involving ideology, deep political anger and, most insidious of all, race. …

    It is inconceivable that this campaign to portray Mr. Obama as the insidious “other” would have been conducted against a white president.”

    Never mind that the rumor was started by a group of Hillary Clinton supporters. You know, the wife of the first “black” president.

    And never mind that the 9/11 truthers seem to hail mainly from the left side of the tracks. Unfortunately, neither end of the political spectrum is free from the presence of loonies.

    The saddest thing about the whole stupid affair is that once again, Barack Obama leads from the rear. He really could have ended it all 2 years ago. Getting the waiver from Hawaii to release the long form took as much effort as reserving a book at the library. Why did he let it go on so long? Probably to attempt to discredit the opposition in the eyes of his base. After all, their minds work like this: A is a birther; A is a conservative: therefore all conservatives are birthers.

    PT Barnum–I mean, Donald Trump–upended the strategy very nicely. I might even forgive the comb over.

    Most importantly, he gave us a phrase I hope we get to use in November 2012: “You’re fired!”

  16. Could we please get people on the left to stop insisting that Obama is not a socialist?

    I think our efforts would be better spent getting people on the right to spend their time making the case of why Obama’s policies are bad and offering better alternatives rather than getting bogged down in arguments about semantics.

    Seriously, it’s like those guys who show up at BPOUS and think that the Most Important Issue In The World TM is to correct anyone who says “democracy” instead of “republic” when talking about our political system. That way lies Birtherism.

  17. DG, you put the Onion in Shot in the Dark.

    *blink* *blink* Woah, maybe she is serious.

    Dog Gone, are you OK? Have you gone off the deep end? It there any hope for you to regain your sanity?

    Does your blind faith and adoration of your Obamassiah have no limits?

    DeeGee, if we become a really big Greece with snow what would you say? (“Greece has some great art, we can thank the Obamassiah!!!” *genuflect*)

    Mitch, my condolences on hearing about your “friend’s” worsening condition as evidenced in yet another SitD comment section.

  18. Indeed, the economic news is so dire, coming from so many fronts, even as reported by a press that is ideologically friendly to Obama’s policies, that a person would have to be insanely biased to believe that Obama’s economic stewardship has been anything but disastrous for the poor and working people of America.
    Wall Street and the crony capitalists are doing quite well, though.

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