Jerk In Chief

When he got invited to the President’s speech yesterday, he thought the President was going to exercise some of that “reaching across the aisle” and “new tone in politics” that the President and his media are always yapping about.  According to NRO’s Andrew Stiles:

Ryan says he was “excited” to received an invitation to the president’s speech, and thought it was a potential “olive branch” to the GOP signaling the start of meaningful negotiations over the deficit.

We all saw how it really worked:

I imagine being forced to sit through a smug lecture explaining how the serious plan you’ve just proposed to save America from a debt crisis is actually, in fact, fundamentally un-American, is not a very pleasant experience.

But it is part of the left’s, and in particular this President’s; our leaders are professors; everyone who agrees with him are the good students; the ones who don’t are the ones on double-dog academic probation.

5 thoughts on “Jerk In Chief

  1. On an unrelated, but extremely satisfying turn of events, it was reported on WDFL this morning that the Hudson, WI school district is punishing the teachers that staged a sick out during the caterwalling and lunacy that occurred in MADison last month. These include suspensions without pay with the harshest penalties levied against the ringleaders who encouraged their associates to skip and also on the ones that spoke with reporters on school grounds!

  2. Ryan’s response was great. I encourage all of you to see the video of it.

    Its not an attack for partison gain, but a true picture of what is going on with the gov’t.

  3. When you try to appease the alligator it merely means you’re the last one eaten.

  4. When Obama “reaches across the aisle”, it’s only to slap the GOP. Arrogant and narcissistic to point of being pathological. He makes Bill Clinton look like Gandhi.

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