Time Again

If you listen to some conservatives, you might almost forget we won the elections last November.

The GOP House in DC isn’t cutting fast enough.  The GOP majorities in the Minnesota Legislature are living within the state’s means, not slashing the budget.

Some of the complaints are the  mark of the kind of people I used to run into the Libertarian Party; people for whom principle is blessedly unblemished by the need to actually deal with an opposition and still eke legislation out of the mess and have it turn out, if not perfect, at least better, often much better, than what you have.

Still, as I told people the last time I spoke at a Tea Party, the real job for we The People started last November 3.  It’s our job to  light up the switchboards, to fill up the inboxes electronic and literal, and to show our elected representatives that the vast wellspring of discontent that tossed much of the sitting Democrat government – and not a few RINOs – under the bus is still alive and well.

And it’s high time we made sure they knew it.

So I’m happy to report there’ll be another Tea Party rally on Saturday, April 16 at noon at the State Capitol.  And I’m equally happy to report I’ll be the lead-off speaker again (before dashing down to the station).

And I do hope you show up.  Because government is too important to leave to government.

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  1. I live in SD45, CD5. I don’t have any elected representatives. The last time I came close was Lynn Ostermann, and we know how that turned out.

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