A District Full Of Davids

The DFL has said it in as many words; they “own” – or think they own – Saint Paul.

The vote results don’t seem to challenge ’em much.  I think the best Republican result in Saint Paul – a great year for the GOP – was in the high twenties.

But while it’s been over 25 years since a Republican represented any part of Saint Paul in the legislature, and over sixty since a Republican represented the district in Washington, it’s not entirely a matter of the DFL’s strength.  Fact is while the demographics (lots of government employees and clients) favor the DFL, there are Republicans, and conservatives, out there; in 2000, Dennis Newinski got 46% against Betty McCollum in the 4th CD election.  It can be done.

The DFL’s forgotten it, of course.

On April 12 – a week from Tuesday – there will be a special election in Senate District 66.

Now, you’d never know it from listening to the DFL.  They had their primary last Tuesday (former state rep Mary Jo McGuire beat Rep. John Lesch (66A) and some other hamster).  Their apparatchiks said “the election is over!  Congrats, Senator McGuire!”

Maybe they’re right.

But wouldn’t it be cool if their smug, entitled assumption were wrong?

You can help.  Money helps, of course – the Greg Copeland campaign has already raised vastly more money than any other legislative campaign in Saint Paul – but it could use more.

But the campaign also needs volunteers – especially for Thursday through Monday, the big push.   We need phone bankers and door-knockers to help get out every single Republican vote in SD66.  Every person that has ever voted GOP; every single person that has ever shown up at a caucus, every person who ever sang “America, F*** Yeah!”, whatever.

Is it an uphill fight?  But it’s one we can win.

And perhaps more importantly, it’s a way to build a 4th CD GOP that can make the DFL have to fight for the city.

Because if the GOP consistently gets over 40% of the vote in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the DFL will never win another statewide office in Minnezota. No DFL governors.  No Senators.  No Constitutional Officers.  Nothing.

The future starts this week in Saint Paul.   Hope you can help!

Disclosure: I am a volunteer on the Copeland campaign.

3 thoughts on “A District Full Of Davids

  1. Yes, we need to get votes in the central cities, even if they don’t cause city elections to flip. Example……in 2010, Republican Toomey won the Pennsylvania US Senate election by carrying 59 of 67 counties. Yet the popular vote was rather close (51% to 49%).

    Someone noted that the Republican will campaign in a rural county to gain an additional 1500 votes, but then loses in Philadelphia by 250,000 votes. As you note above, the Republicans need to make headway in the big cities in order to win statewide.

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