Guess They’re Going To Have To Find Another Smug Entitled Overpampered Liberal Talking Head

In what will no doubt be the top story among America’s three wars and myriad economic problems all week,  Katie Couric is…

…leaving her anchor post at “CBS Evening News” less than five years after becoming the first woman to solely helm a network TV evening newscast.

As far as keeping Libya out of the news, it’ll have to do until Charlie Sheen does something stupid again.

18 thoughts on “Guess They’re Going To Have To Find Another Smug Entitled Overpampered Liberal Talking Head

  1. I understand CBS is in negotiations with Ruth Buzzi as a possible replacement.

  2. There is no shortage of liberal shills available to take the chair. I almost choked on my breakfast when I read the AP puffery piece referring to her “interview skills.” Since when does ambushing a subject and editing the responses become a skillful interview? Or being so taken by your subject that you pitch softball after softball question?

  3. “It’s often tempting to impute / unlikely virtues to the cute”.
    — Ogden Nash.

  4. In related news, The Berkenstock Buggy Whip Company announced that it will cease manufacturing operations citing new technologies that have decreased the need for its products. The company will continue to promote a line of well coiffed, left handed buggy whips to be co-marketed with denture creams, hemorroid ointments and laxatives.

  5. SeeBS could likely improve it’s bottom line if it replaced it’s Evening “News” with an infomercial for The Berkenstock Buggy Whip Company.

  6. On a related note, WDFL’s Sunday show featured both Al “Carpetbagger” Franken and Margaret “Big MAK” Keliher, demonstrating their continued commitment to diversity of opinion and objectivity.

  7. “Though I am reluctant to admit it / Even at her age I would hit it”

    — LearnedFoot

  8. One can see the story on TMZ now…

    TMZ Staffer: “We’ve got Katie Couric coming out of Manny’s Steakhouse holding hands and exchanging passionate embraces with Learned Foot. She appears to be drunk.”

    Harvey: “Learned Foot? – Who the f*** is that?”

    TMZ Staffer: “He’s a sometime law-talking guy and noted Poop-Blogger, who is well known in the comment sections of blogs in the Twin Cities Metro area. He is also associated with a picture of explosive diarrhea.”

    Harvey: “Jesus, she’s really hit rock bottom. Put that picture of her grinding with another chick on the dance floor so I can get that visual out of my memory.”

  9. Well Katie’s finest TV moment was her having a colonoscopy on live TV. Riveting stuff, I can see Foot’s attraction.

  10. Seflores;

    “to be co-marketed with denture creams, hemorroid ointments and laxatives.”

    You forgot Dr. Wonder’s Cure All Magic Elixir.

    I wish, just once, that another real journalist would have the stones to do an ambush interview on one of these lefty shills! The reactions would no doubt be priceless!

  11. Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m married. And Katie can’t afford me.

    Especially now that she’s out of work. She’s likely working with a Tim in St. Paul budget these days.

  12. Katie will land on her feet. Most likely at Media Matters or the HuffPo. Where she belongs. Maybe a gig at MnPublius.

  13. Margaret Carlson (then at Time Magazine) said a woman would anchor the network news only when TV news went the way of the dinosaurs. So true.

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