“A Stunning Admission and a Damning Indictment of Socialized Medicine”

Socialized medicine in the UK is broken…and it took them sixty years to figure it out.

As the House moves to repeal the nationalization of health care, Britain plans to take a scalpel to its National Health Service, opening it up to competition and letting doctors and patients call the shots.

Geez. We hardly allow that now.

It was both a stunning admission and a damning indictment of socialized medicine when British Prime Minister David Cameron in effect admitted that the holy grail of nationalized health care, the British National Health Service (NHS), was broken and in need of fixing.

While critics of his plan are already saying it could lead to backdoor privatization of the NHS, Cameron stopped short of suggesting that is his aim. Founded in 1948, NHS could be called the “third rail” of British politics akin to our Social Security.

Which is what will happen to Obamacare if allowed to progress against the will of most Americans. It reminds me of one of my financial planning tenets: A luxury becomes a necessity twenty four hours later.

“We need modernization on both sides of the equation,” he said in his speech. “Modernization to do something about the demand for public health service, and modernization to make the supply of health care more efficient, which is about opening up the system, making it more competitive, cutting out waste and bureaucracy.”

ObamaCare promises exactly the opposite, increasing demand and coverage to the point of collapsing the system, taking decisions out of the hands of physicians who promise to quit in droves and putting it in the hands of a regulatory behemoth that decides who gets what care and when.

“Paging Doctor Dover.”

“Paging Doctor Ben Dover.”

14 thoughts on ““A Stunning Admission and a Damning Indictment of Socialized Medicine”

  1. The idea of this pending rollback of Health Care is to draw the cockroaches in the Senate out into the open and put them ON RECORD supporting an unpopular bill. It’s going to force them to defend Obamacare; something even Obama doesn’t want to have to do in the daylight.

  2. There will be no repeal. The generation that thinks it will benefit from “free” medical care won’t let the dream go until people are dying in the hospital corridors because, although there are no Death Panels, there are ten thousand petty regulations that add up to “you don’t qualify for treatment, have another ibuprofin.” That’s what prompted the changes in England and they have decades of experience trying to make it work – what makes us think ours will be any better? In fact, isn’t that exactly the argument used against Israeli-type screening? They can do it there because it’s a small country, we could never make it work in our huge country. But health care is different? Nonsense.

    The intellectual basis for Obamacare is: I want my MTV.

    And if I don’t get it, there will be HELL to pay.


  3. Why, Nate, reading your thoughts one would think you hold a low opinion of the average voter as being petty, selfish and narcissistic. My own opinion is something loftier: juvenile, selfish and nacissistic.

  4. I have the hope that voters will start listening to the projections the actuaries are making and realize what the cost is before it’s too late, but then again, I can’t ignore the fact that they elected Dear Leader.

    An old German proverb seems appropriate in light of this mess; “Dumm bleibt dumm, da helfen keine Pillen.” (dumb is dumb, no pill will help)

  5. First Canada, and now England. Where are the hydroencephalitc
    supporters of BammyCare™ going to turn for an example to distort and lie about now?

  6. Kerm: no, this Rick was a guy who wandered in from the Atlanta area, tried to ignite a couple of snark bombs only to have them hosed down, and when invited to mount a serious argument threw up a pseudo-intellectual smoke screen and beat a retreat, never (so far) to be heard from again.

  7. Well Rick DFL has shown equal desire to pursue honest dialog, so I guess the comparison is fair.

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