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  1. JR – Good car pr0n but for the 70’s era GM garbage. The Monza, echh.
    Also did you see this today?

    “Product is one of the few qualms that Morgan Stanley’s Jonas, who is based in New York, and the analysts at Credit Suisse and JPMorgan have with GM. Each analyst initiated coverage of the automaker since Dec. 28 with recommendations that investors buy the shares.”

    The analysts of GM are making a ‘BUY’ recommendation even though they have qualms with the product. Can’t be good. (Hat tip to Mickey Kaus).

  2. I noticed the same thing.

    I also find it very funny that suddenly Motor Trend gives both their car and truck of the year awards to Chevy! Even though MT has been GM biased for many a decade, one has to wonder if some “Men in Black” stopped in to tell them what to publish. 😉

  3. I’m the type of guy who buys a fairly new car and then drives it until catastrophic failure. Not a “new every 3 years” person. When researching a car, I generally go to two sources of info: Consumer Reports for reliability ratings and Car and Driver for the “will I LIKE it?” quotient. From the time I started reading it regularly (~1987 when William Jeanes was the editor) until a few months back when Csaba Csere suddenly departed without warning or explanation, I found myself agreeing with most everything that magazine contained about car reviews, the way they review cars, and the things they consider important when reviewing cars. Since the new guy has taken over, the magazine has taken a decidedly “green” turn, much to my dismay. They gave the Chevy Volt one of their Ten Best awards this year. I am skeptical. I also am extremely skeptical on the 5 and 10 year reliability and ownership expense (for replacing battery) ratings that this (and the Prius) will return.

  4. Disclaimer: I’m not too skeptical of the Prius’ reliability ratings yet…it being a Toyota and all…

  5. Reliability ratings are an absolute sham. People who complain about stuff not right with their MB, BMW or an Inifnity, would not raise a peep if same was wrong with their Ford, Chevy or Honda. I am one of those peeps, so I resemble that remark.

  6. Cars are many things to many people. I remember my dad’s mid-fifties Chevy that he picked me up from Kindergarten in one day and took me to see the home he bought for the family “way” out in Orono (we lived in St. Louis Park at the time).

    For all I know that car was a total piece of crap but when I see a picture of one I think of the memories not it’s gas mileage.

    I know a lot of people that won’t buy a GM now because of the bail out but that doesn’t diminish the artistry that some of the the brand’s standouts represented in its heyday.

  7. I’m more pragmatic than that. I won’t buy GM because for the last 30-40 years, almost every car they’ve made has been a flagrant piece of shit once the odometer hits 6 figures, and lots of them reached that condition much sooner. They have not yet proven to me that things have changed.

    If I needed a big ass diesel pickup to haul a 5th wheel, Dodge would be my first choice, bailout or no bailout.

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