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So I read Lori Sturdevant’s column yesterday, about  AFSCME endorsing a Democrat yadda yadda.

Sturdevant – the DFL’s unofficial PR flak masquerading as a Strib columnist, and whose writing style verges on Socialist Realism when writing about DFLers – was in full flak mode:

But brave faces — many of them battle-scarred…”AFSCME doesn’t always pick a winner,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, a former gubernatorial candidate, with a touch of defiance…But the Tuesday-morning crowd knows something else — several, from first-hand experience. They know what a big-bucks, take-no-prisoners statewide campaign looks and feels like. They can envision what Coleman and his allies will be throwing at Franken next fall…A DFL recapture of the late Paul Wellstone’s seat…

[Note to the DFL Flak:  It’s “the people of Minnesota’s” seat.  It’s not “Wellstone’s seat” any more than it was “Rudy Boschwitz’ seat”, or “the seat of…” any of the 20-odd other people who’ve sat in it.  Wellstone was just elected to it.  Please quit making this mistake.  Thanks – Ed.]

Brave, deviant, scarred faces; plucky underdogs in the face of the Coleman onslaught.  Reminds you of a Russian documentary on Stalingrad, no? 

So what’s missing?

An impassioned defense of Mark Ritchie.

It’s possible I’m reading too much into this.  But normally, when a DFLer is under fire (and Ritchie most certainly is), the Strib’s columnists circle the wagons and cover their guy’s six.  And it could certainly still happen; this scandal is a young one, and since Sturdevant delivers one whole column a week, it could very well be that her deadline fell before Ritchie’s scandal broke.

Let me be clear on this; not saying something is no admission of guilt or complicity, especially on someone else’s part, and I’d be a cheap hack yellowblogger if I said or implied any such thing.  I’m remarking on the absence, not drawing inferences.

I never thought I’d say this – but I’m looking forward to the next Lori Sturdevant column.

4 thoughts on “Notable Absence

  1. I ALWAYS look forward to the next Lori S column. She might have taken the “Mark Ritchie” button off of her cheerleading outfit, yo know, the one that has the big “DFL” logo on the front.

    I tell my Democratic friends and people in the media who think they are “unbiased” when I see a scandel a brewing for a Dem, “How would this be reported on if this were to happen to a Republican?”.

    It will be interesting to see how Almanac and the folks at MPR cover this one too.

  2. A DFL recapture of the late Paul Wellstone’s seat…

    Historically 17 of the 26 occupants of that “seat” were Republican so it would be more accurate to refer to it as a “traditionally Republican seat”

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